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Where I shop

Here are a few places I shop at for those of you wanting to know. As most of you know, I live in Tasmania, Australia, so I do a lot of my shopping online really – Tassie’s just a bit too small. But still, there are a few decent places around if you look. This list is alphabetical and doesn’t take into consideration a particular brand’s shop. By this I mean I am not going to list, say, just a single indie polish’s Etsy or Big Cartel shop (I do that in my posts) or we could be here forever! Plus I figure people would simply Google the name of the brand they are specifically looking for and find the shop that way.


Born Pretty Store is a good place for nail art equipment and really cheap nail art items like decals and studs. It has free worldwide shipping and with my 10% off code of HVX31 your order will be even cheaper! It also sells its own stamping plates and polishes, which have unique designs on them.


What it sells:

  • Nail art decorations, nail art tools, home brand nail polish and stamping polish, stamping plates, equipment like UV lamps and organisers and heaps more


Chemist Warehouse is good for getting prescriptions, but when it comes to nail supplies, it’s pretty limited. However, when it has a sale, it has a sale, if you know what I mean. Like huge amounts of money off.


What it sells:

  • Revlon, Maybelline, Sally Hansen, Cutex,Β Revitanail, Rimmel London, W7


Where would I be without eBay? It’s great to get stuff from the UK and USA, as well as Korean nail polishes, which are so gorgeous! I’ve found buying from eBay to be safe, but always make sure you’re buying from a trusted seller before any money is sent!


What it sells:

  • Like Etsy below, you’re limited to what sells to your country. You can pretty much get anything off eBay for a steal, such as nail art equipment, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat in bulk, nail polishes and more. The only indie I can think of on eBay is Lynnderella. I’ve bought a few Etude House polishes (Korean nail polish) from eBay as well and this is where I typically buy current OPIs from


I could spend hours on Etsy not even buying, but just staring. It’s crazy. I’ve found Etsy to be pretty safe, I like to use PayPal typically, but like any other time you’re submitting your personal details on the internet just make sure you trust the seller.


What it sells:

  • Indies from all over the world; essentially you’re limited to what sells to your country. However, here’s some indies off the top of my head (some I’ve tried and some I haven’t): Messy Mansion, Bettie Pain Polish, Franken Frosting, A’dor Beauty Supplies, I Heart Nail Art, Prettypots Polish, The Lady Varnishes and many more


This is a great Australian indie polish and cosmetics website. In my experience, the shipping has been fast (you have to sign for packages) and the customer service excellent. This is a good way to get your hands on international indies and avoid the higher shipping costs. It also sells Australian indies, too.


What it sells:

  • A England, CrowsToes, Femme Fatale polish and cosmetics, Polish Me Silly, Cirque Colors, Dance Legend, Pretty Serious Cosmetics, Serum No.5, Girly Bits, HARE Lacquer, Lilypad Lacquer and many more


This is a Tasmanian company (statewide, yay!). Since I mainly go to the Hobart store, I’m not sure if all of what I’ve listed below is available in all stores. Glow Cosmetics is one of those shops you have to go into and just see what it has. It has an online store, but I’ve never used it, and to be honest, I don’t think there’s a lot of variety in what it offers online compared to what’s in the stores.


What it sells:

  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, OPI, KleanColor, BYS, Revlon, limited selection of China Glaze, limited selection of L.A. Girl, limited selection of Layla, Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris, Gelish, SensatioNail, nail art decorations, stampers and kits


Ah, Kmart. There have been some changes recently to the beauty and cosmetics sections in all Kmart stores – bringing with it good and bad changes – but it still is a pretty reliable source for mainstream nail polish. Kmart is also pumping out a lot of home brands recently, such as OXX and lips & tips, so keep an eye out for those. They can be in store one week and out the next! You can’t buy cosmetics from its website, which is a shame.


What it sells:

  • Academy of Colour, Sinful Colors, BYS, Rimmel London, e.l.f Cosmetics, Maybelline, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Kmart lips & tips, lol, OXX


Priceline is an Australian-owned pharmacy franchise with locations pretty much all over Australia now. The Priceline I visit in Hobart is teeny tiny but for its size it has a great collection of nail polishes and nail art supplies.


What it sells:

  • Revlon, Maybelline, essence, Sally Hansen, Bourjois, Hello Kitty, Face of Australia, Australis, Rimmel London, Nail Rock, Manicare, Cutex, Kiss, L’Oreal Paris, Luminail, Max Factor, Models Prefer, Nailene, Natio, Prestige Cosmetics, Revitanail, Savvy by DB, She, Sinful Colors, SensatioNail, Fuse (SensatioNail brand), Beauty Essentials, Haute, Opallac, Elegant Touch, Nail Rock, Fing’rs, occasionally OPI and Orly, nail foils and assorted nail art supplies


Target’s range is getting better and better I think. It really is trying hard to keep up with both brands and collections. Plus I always find it’s neater than Kmart to shop in. Target will occasionally have an awesome sale, which is when I advise you to spend up!


What it sells:

  • Chi Chi, Sinful Colors, occasionally ulta3, Rimmel London, Revlon, Maybelline, essence, Sally Hansen, Max Factor, SensatioNail, Fuse (SensatioNail brand), Nicole by OPI, SugarBaby, Desert Zen, Beauty Republic

4 thoughts on “Where I shop

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  3. Glow Cosmetics is amaaaazing! I asked them about OPI Nail Envy a few times, and now they are getting it in! Yay!!! Stoked that they sell Seche Vite now too πŸ˜€ They said if there is something that you want that they don’t have, just let them know and they’ll try to get it in.
    Next time I go in I’m going to ask about them getting in Color Club or Nfu-oh!

    • I would love to see some Color Clubs at Glow Cosmetics. If they’re getting Nail Envy in I might have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

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