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Nail polish haul & Look by BIPA Glitter Coral

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Hello! Finally after settling back into home life and work I’m ready to blog! I have a pretty big post for you tonight but I’m sure you won’t mind considering it’s mostly pictures of my haul from the past week – and who doesn’t like looking at people’s hauls?

It turns out while I was away I missed out on quite a bit of nail polish news. Over the weekend I went to my local Target and what was there but a brand spanking new Nicole by OPI stand! Wha? Little ol’ Target and Nicole by OPI? I noticed the polishes were AU$12.95 each. Also in Target was a massive Sinful Colors display with what I think are some holiday polishes. Also Sinful Colors is now AU$4 at Target, down by AU.95c. I went into my local Kmart and there was no more Sinful Colors! I was sad about that.

Anywho, while at Target I couldn’t help but pick up three Sinful Colors polishes (and still cheaper than just one Nicole by OPI!). You can see them below.

Sinful Colors mini haulFrom left: Super Star, Pinky Glitter and Triple Platinum.

Then I was in a chemist near my work and I spotted the Ulta3 Candy Couture nail book so I just had to buy it… there goes AU$24.95! But totally worth it, I think, as I didn’t think I would find it considering it’s limited edition. I can’t wait to do a proper post on this and show you some awesome looks!

The Ulta3 Candy Couture nail book

Here’s some peeks of the polishes and caviar beads inside:

Polishes from the Ulta3 Candy Couture nails bookFrom left: Berry Crush, Rock Candy, Gingerbread and Sugar Coated.

Polishes from the Ulta3 Candy Couture nails bookFrom left: Sour Grape, Gumball, Fairy Floss and Peach Pie.

Polishes from the Ulta3 Candy Couture nails bookFrom left: Berry Blue, Toffee Apple, Min-tea and Lemon Drop.

Polishes from the Ulta3 Candy Couture nails bookFrom left: Caviar beads 100s & 1000s, Lotsa Liquorice, Mini Musks and Sugar Sprinkles.

I also bought a few assorted Ulta3s, I haven’t seen Lucky Bamboo before so that’s why I picked it up, even though the colour doesn’t really do much for me. That’s the good thing about Ulta3, at AU$2 you can give any colour a try without feeling guilty! Palette Play, Tone It Up and Bright Me are all from Ulta3’s recent Colour Game Collection. I also picked up the other two polishes from the Colour Game Collection from another chemist, Emerald Inten-ciy and Block It Out, but I don’t have their photos here sorry.

Ulta3 mini haulFrom left: Jelly, Citrus, Lucky Bamboo, Palette Play, Tone It Up and Bright Me.

And finally, if that wasn’t enough for you, I also stopped by my favourite Priceline and bought some new Savvy by DBs and one of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes, which were on special.

Savvy by DB polishesFrom left: Sally Hansen Bubble Plum, Savvy by DB Under the Sea, Savvy by DB Surfer Girl and Savvy by DB Cruise.

But wait, there’s more! I was at The Reject Shop and saw some really cute nail polish highlighters (OK, so they’re highlighters in the shape of nail polish bottles, not highlighters made from nail polish) and I bought them too, just a novelty really, but I thought it would be fun to show you. The second photo is how the highlighters work. I’m pretty sure they’re not going to last long, but oh well.

Nail polish highlighters

Nail polish highlighters

Phew! Now that I’ve shown you all that I can finally concentrate on Look by BIPA Glitter Coral. Look by BIPA is a home brand to a company called BIPA; it’s very similar to Priceline here in Australia. I bought this in Austria, I’m not sure if that’s only where BIPAs are but it’s the only country I saw them. I was in Vienna actually when I picked this up and thought it would be perfect from summer when I returned home. And I was not disappointed! This is an orange polish with tiny gold flecks through it and a really nice, even textured effect. I think this is a great summer polish and the textured effect of it just makes it even more perfect for the season.

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

I wore this over the weekend and it started chipping after two days, but it was still a lot of fun to wear. What you see is two coats; it was so easy to apply and dried so fast! Double good considering then you don’t have to worry about a top coat unless you really want to. It’s a very pretty polish and that’s saying a lot for me considering I’m not the biggest fan of orange polishes. Removal was a cinch too – I just used cotton balls, but if you’re not sure you could use the foil method.

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

It’s such a pity this polish can’t be bought in Australia, or something similar at least. Maybe a clever person mix a few textured polishes together and get the same result? If only it were that easy, hey? Thanks for reading!


The trip part 4: Back in Australia & P2 Sand Style in Seductive and Precious

*Nothing to disclose

I’m back Down Under and I’m glad to be home after travelling for 24 hours on planes! I had an absolutely incredible time away for the past three months, everything has gone just too fast. My highlight of the trip is when we went to Italy. If you’ve never been I would definitely recommend you visiting, it’s got something for everyone.

If you’ve been reading my other posts, you would know I was just about to leave Greece and head to Macedonia. Here’s where we went after Macedonia: Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Scotland and England. Whew! All up in our trip my husband and I travelled to 12 countries, which was roughly a country a week! But anyway, onto the more interesting nail stuff. Below is a picture of all the polishes I bought while abroad – 68 in total! I love them all.

Final collection of European polishes

I would love to bore you with a more detailed picture, but for now with getting back and returning to work you might have to wait until I review them, ha ha. If I can I will try and take some quick pics of them sometime. But here are two lots of polish I especially do want to show you: OPI Pure (a 18k white gold and silver top coat from the Mariah Carey Collection) and Ciate Colourfoil (a foil manicure kit). I’ve tried both and I love them; I can’t wait to show you.

Final collection of European polishes - OPI Pure (18k white gold and silver top coat) from the Mariah Carey Collection

Final collection of European polishes - Ciate Colourfoil

I told you previously I was going to have my nails done at WAH Nails at its store in Topshop, London. I’ve been a huge fan of WAH Nails for a long time, I own the store’s first book and I was so looking forward to my appointment! Here I am getting nails done (the picture is blurry, you can thank my husband for that).

Haylee getting her nails done by WAH Nails at Topshop in London

I enjoyed getting my nails done, but I was disappointed with the little things, like for example when my nail artist was filing and buffing my nails she went back and forth rather than in one direction. Also, my tips weren’t wrapped. And finally, when the top coat was applied (WAH Nails uses Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat) it wasn’t applied to the full edge of the nail and some of it ended up bubbling. I feel like I’m being picky but for AU$58 I think there should be a little more finesse! Maybe I had built it up too much in my mind? Anywho, here is the design that I chose, it’s called art deco, it was suggested to me by the nail artist to do the stripes rather than the full art deco design on every nail. I went with their idea, but I wish now I had said no because I’m actually not too keen on how the stripes also don’t have black with them.

Nail art by WAH Nails at Topshop in London

But it was all an experience and nonetheless I’m glad I went. Like my husband said, if I hadn’t of gone to get my nails done at WAH Nails I probably would be kicking myself later.

Now I have to show you some polishes I wore while in Berlin. I bought these from a store called DM, which is quite similar to Priceline here in Australia. The brand is P2, which I think could be a budget-type brand for all types of cosmetics. But obviously I was drawn to the polishes. The two I am wearing are called Seductive (purple) and Precious (gold). Both are what P2 calls Sand Style, which is simply another name for textured polish. I wore these two together because I thought the colours were quite complimentary. Each polish is two coats.

P2 Seductive and Precious textured nail polish by Dry, Dammit!

P2 Seductive and Precious textured nail polish by Dry, Dammit!

P2 Seductive and Precious textured nail polish by Dry, Dammit!

I am so impressed with these two polishes. I wore them for about four days and there was no chipping at all. I did use the foil method to remove the polish, but I think you could get away with just using a cotton ball. Also the texture on them was perfect, there was no pulling on clothes or anything. Definitely a good budget polish!

Well, I am now off to see if I can get some sleep. So far so good with the jetlag. I’m looking forward to updating much more frequently now. It’s great to be back. Thanks for reading!


The trip part 2: Italy, Greece & HEMA Holographic Blue

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Hi out there! Yes, I’m still around, I’m loving travelling so much. I know I said I would post once a week while I was away… well, it turns out it’s pretty hard to get a decent WiFi connection in Europe in a hotel. Gosh I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post.

Since my last post, my husband and I have travelled from Holland into France, Switzerland, Italy and now Greece, where we are at the moment. Yesterday we took a train from Athens to Thessaloniki. In two days’ time we take a bus to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. We’re heading back towards western Europe now be in Germany in time for Christmas; we have a couple of friends we’re catching up with there.

Nail polish shopping was not so good for me in France or Switzerland. I found both countries to be very expensive and there wasn’t a lot of variety. Even in Rennes, a city in Brittany, France, you were paying Parisian prices. I know I go on a lot about the prices, but I don’t see the point of paying more or the same for a polish I can buy in Australia; I want to buy European polishes, dammit!

But the good news is once we entered Italy I found Kiko. Oh, Kiko! Kiko is an Italian brand (Milan), but strangely enough the nail polish is made in France. I know France manufactures a lot of nail polish, but so too does Italy. I resisted and just bought two, which I have worn and love, you can see them below, as well as two polishes I bought in Rome. The polishes in Rome are from a brand called Lilla, but I haven’t had a lot of luck finding a lot of information out about it. I think it’s a brand from an Italian chain called Beauty Point.

Italy haul

My nail polishes from Italy (from left): Kiko 245, Kiko 242, Lilla 12 and Lilla 53. Yes, all numbers sadly, not names. Oh, and sorry for the blurry photo!

Since entering Greece I’ve been overwhelmed with nail polishes, but they’re pretty basic, if that makes sense. There’s a department store everywhere called Hondos Center where there’s a combination of current mainstream brands, but then also a heap of ’80s looking nail polishes at very cheap prices. There’s a decent chain called Stop to Shop, but that’s like Hondos Center, but on a smaller scale. I’ve bought a few Essence polishes in Greece, you can see them below.

Greece haul

Nail polishes from Greece (from left): GoldenRose 111 from the Jolly Jewels Collection, Essence Ultimate Pink, Essence Sparkling Water Lily, Essence Oh My Glitter! and Essence Take a Ride on Pegasus from the Fantasia Collection.

But for now I want to show you HEMA Holographic Blue, which I showed you I bought in my last post. To be honest, I didn’t think it would be so holographic. But it’s incredible. I would very much compare it to an indie formula more than a mainstream formula, it’s that good. Buttery and consistent, what you see is just two coats. If you can get your hands on any of the polishes from the HEMA Special Effect Holographic Collection, I say do so!

HEMA Holographic Blue by Dry, Dammit!

See what I mean? The colours in the holo are beautiful and as I recall I wore this polish for about four days without any chipping. I haven’t tried Holographic Bordeaux yet, but I can’t wait to.

HEMA Holographic Blue by Dry, Dammit!

HEMA Holographic Blue by Dry, Dammit!

So I hope to update sooner rather than later next time, but we’ll see I guess. All I can say is thanks for bearing with me. I promise when I return to Australia I’ll be posting more regularly. But for now, here is a photo of me in Athens at a rooftop bar with the Acropolis in the background. Thanks for reading!

Haylee in Greece


The trip part 1: Dubai, Holland & DA Magic Mauve

*Nothing to disclose

Hello from Veenendaal, Holland! It’s taken me a little while to get this first post out because someone (AKA my husband) packed the wrong cord for the camera to the tablet we are using to access the internet while we’re away. So we had to buy an SD card reader, but can you believe that we had such great difficulty finding one? Oh well. We have been having a great time and I have a few interesting photos to show you, so I will start at the beginning: Dubai!

After our 14-hour flight from Melbourne (and before that a one-hour flight from Hobart) we arrived in Dubai. It was so extremely hot! I knew it would be but I still wasn’t prepared for it. One of our first stops was the Dubai Mall, which is huge. We spent a good few hours there just looking at things until I found a Konad stand. It turns out there’s actually two stands; one on the lower level and the other near where you catch the metro. The photo below is the stand on the way to the metro station. I was in heaven but ended up buying just two polishes (not stamping polish, but normal polish that I didn’t realise Konad made).

Konad store in Dubai

Now, a note on the photos. My husband said it would be a good idea to not bring my DSLR, but a smaller digital camera so we would have to carry less. Turns our his camera is falling apart and takes pictures to only 10 megapixels! So the quality of my photos are not at their usual, unfortunately.

Also in Dubai we went to another mall (Dubai is great if you’re into shopping) called Mall of the Emirates. Aside from its indoor ski slope, it was hosting a fashion week called World of Fashion and people were receiving free manicures. My husband and I both had our nails done and I was also given the nail polish they used on my nails, a purple creme (my husband’s nails were just filed and buffed).

Haylee and Steve nails by Dry, Dammit!

The nail company doing the free manicures was called Nailstation Paris. I’d never heard of the company before and the lady who did my nails did an OK job, but to be honest I could have done better. She got a bit of polish on my cuticles and told me that my nails were too short to file and buff! I have never heard of that before. Mind you, the night before I had to cut my nails back as many of them had sadly broke, but still, I was looking forward to having them shaped nicely by someone who knew what they were doing.

After three nights in Dubai we flew to Amsterdam. I was hoping the nail polish would be cheap, but so far it’s been very expensive. Only the cheap brands are cheap, if that makes sense. I’ve bought a few Essence polishes and some other Dutch cheap brands such as HEMA and DA, which I was excited about because DA is made in my grandmother’s hometown, Zwolle.

We are now in Veenendaal, which is where my grandfather comes from and where a lot of my family still lives. For five days we’ve been staying with my grandfather’s sister and tomorrow we will head off to Rotterdam and then Paris by train. I have been having such a good time just relaxing; it has been lovely. Holland is such a beautiful country and so flat! Bike riding has been a breeze.

Dubai haul

My nail polishes from Dubai (from left): Konad Love Holic, Konad Blue Mountain and Nailstation Paris World of Fashion.

Holland haul

Nail polishes from Amsterdam (from left): Essence Me & My Lover, Essence Glitter On Me, Catrice Genius in the Bottle and Catrice Denim Moore.

Holland haul

Nail polishes from in and around Veenendaal (from left): Essence Chic Reloaded, HEMA Holographic Bordeaux, HEMA Holographic Blue, HEMA Chameleon Purple and DA Magic Mauve.

I also did my grandfather’s sister’s nails. I said she could pick any colour she wanted and she decided on OPI In the Cable Car-Pool Lane, one of the few polishes I bought with me. Below is her hand and mine (with DA Magic Mauve on my nails).

Haylee and Tineke nails by Dry, Dammit!

So now I will show you DA Magic Mauve. I wanted to show you this one because I was so surprised I found a polish from Zwolle. It’s a beautiful duochrome polish, which is either a purple or greenish-blue, depending how you look at it.

DA Magic Mauve by Dry, Dammit!

DA Magic Mauve by Dry, Dammit!

What you see here is two coats, but I probably could have done another coat because for some reason in the sunlight it looked a bit thin. I’ve had this with other duochromes before, so I’m not sure if it’s just what they do. The formula otherwise was great and so far I’ve had this polish on for three days without a chip!

DA Magic Mauve by Dry, Dammit!

DA Magic Mauve by Dry, Dammit!

I’m more than a week into the trip and so far I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m pretty sure it’s only going to get better as well. I hope I find more great polish. I’m looking forward to seeing if France is cheaper for nail polish and what brands it has. Thanks for reading!


Ulta3 Glitterati Collection haul & Infamous nail art

*Nothing to disclose

Hello! If my post today is a little confusing and long please bear with me as I have so much to share, I just don’t know where to begin! I will try and do it in the most logical order starting with some general good news. Over the weekend I had my parents and sister down for my sister’s graduation. She is now a fully fledged paramedic after being a nurse for about eight years I think. So congratulations to her. So of course with all the family down it was a hectic weekend made even more hectic by my husband finally getting to borrow his dad’s work labeller. You see, I’ve been swatching all my polishes on swatch sticks for a few months now but it just hasn’t been complete due to the lack of labels on my swatches. I had sticky taped labels on but it just wasn’t the same, I wanted something clean looking. So when my husband mentioned he could get the labeller, he got it and together we churned out about 300 labels over the weekend to give it back in time for work on Monday. I have stuck most of them on and I have to say I am so happy! It’s now so easy to see what I want to wear instead of pulling out all my polishes and looking at each bottle individually. When I am done I will take a photo and show you.

Now onto the most exciting news – the Ulta3 Glitterati Collection! After weeks of pestering Ulta3 through Facebook I was finally informed last Friday of one of the pharmacies where I could buy the collection in Hobart and lucky for me it’s near my work. So after work I raced over and bought them all apart from Stop the Press, which is really sad because that’s the one I wanted the most. 😦 However, the lovely staff at the pharmacy said the next time the Ulta3 rep came in they would save a bottle for me and give me a call, so that was really sweet.

Ulta3 Glitterati haul by Dry, Dammit!

So above we have (from left) Glamourpuss, Striking, Infamous, Celebutant, Xoxo and Triple Threat. These ones are colours, while the rest are glitter toppers.

Ulta3 Glitterati haul by Dry, Dammit!

And above here we have (from left) Outasight, Show Stopper, A Lister and Gossip. Stop the Press would be in here too, a beautiful matte black and white glitter topper, but sadly it was sold out as I mentioned earlier.

Now, because of the busy weekend I didn’t have time to swatch them on my nails, but I did have time to swatch them on my swatch sticks! I will probably get all the swatches to you this weekend when I have time, but for now my swatch sticks will have to suffice, sorry.

Ulta3 Glitterati Glamourpuss swatch by Dry, Dammit!


A very shimmery foil-like silver. This is two coats.

Ulta3 Glitterati Striking swatch by Dry, Dammit!


A really beautiful aqua jelly with fine aqua glitters. This is three coats.

Ulta3 Glitterati Infamous swatch by Dry, Dammit!


I absolutely love this one! Similar to Striking, except it’s a teal jelly with fine teal glitters. This is two coats.

Ulta3 Glitterati Celebutant swatch by Dry, Dammit!


I really like this one too! Shimmery pink foil. Two coats.

Ulta3 Glitterati Xoxo swatch by Dry, Dammit!


This one is more of a topper to wear over another polish, so sorry about the difficulty to see with the swatch. It’s made up of multi-coloured iridescent micro glitters. This is two coats.

Ulta3 Glitterati Triple Threat swatch by Dry, Dammit!

Triple Threat

Black jelly base with fine red, blue and silver glitters. It’s very pretty with a top coat but gritty on its own. This is two coats.

Ulta3 Glitterati Outasight swatch by Dry, Dammit!


Black matte large and small hexes in a clear base. This is two coats.

Ulta3 Glitterati Show Stopper swatch by Dry, Dammit!

Show Stopper

Silver and gold large and small hexes in a clear base. This is two coats.

Ulta3 Glitterati A Lister swatch by Dry, Dammit!

A Lister

Aqua hexes of three sizes and fine green hexes in a clear base. This is two coats.

Ulta3 Glitterati Gossip swatch by Dry, Dammit!


Same as A Lister, except in pink. This is two coats.

Now, I have also noticed with the Glitterati Collection it is made in Taiwan, not China. I haven’t read anything about Ulta3 moving its production from China to Taiwan (there was a huge uproar a few years ago when Ulta3 moved production from Australia to China). I am just hoping if it’s a permanent change, it’s because there are better work environments and practices for the people who manufacture the polish. Also, you will notice in the photo below it says “Created and Designed in Australia” – this is also new and so I thought it was worth pointing out.

Ulta3 Infamous by Dry, Dammit!

So I decided to wear my favourite polish from the collection, Infamous. (That is, until I get my hands on Stop the Press!). As I mentioned above, it’s a beautiful teal jelly with teal glitters – the perfect teal overload for every teal lover!

Ulta3 Infamous by Dry, Dammit!

Ulta3 Infamous by Dry, Dammit!

It’s beautiful! And again, this is two coats. The formula was wonderful, you at first think it’s watery but when you put on the second layer it’s suddenly full of so much depth. Removal was easy, too. I did the foil method but to be honest I think you could remove it without foil because the glitters weren’t at all that “sticky”.

Ulta3 Infamous by Dry, Dammit!

Ulta3 Infamous by Dry, Dammit!

The photo above is what it looks like in artificial life, it’s sooo glittery and has much more depth.


  • Where to buy: Guardian Pharmacy, Terry White Chemists, Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse
  • Cost: AU$2
  • Volume: 13ml

I decided to do some crosshatch nail art inspired from a tutorial by Katy at Nailed It. It’s pretty simple, but it’s very effective and easy to do. All I had to use was a striper with black polish and a steady hand. Done! You should probably know this doesn’t have a top coat.

Ulta3 Infamous nail art by Dry, Dammit!

Ulta3 Infamous nail art by Dry, Dammit!

So once again I am so sorry for this huge post, but there was just so much to include! Have you been able to get your hands on any of the Ulta3 Glitterati Collection? I hope you have been able to. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

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Ulta3 Soft Hydrangea

*Nothing to disclose

Hello! Today I have Ulta3 Soft Hydrangea to show you. I bought it over the weekend along with nine other Ulta3 nail polishes as one of my favourite places to shop for Ulta3, Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse in Hobart’s CBD, had got new stock in. Sure, the collections are pretty behind, but it’s the first time I’d ever seen them so I just had to have them. Here’s what I got:

Ulta3 haul

From left: Enchanted, Antique Gold, Cocoa, Jade, Shiraz and Copper, all from the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection. I think I’m missing a couple so I may be back for more. These are also different to normal Ulta3 polish bottles in that they have black lids. I don’t know if I like it. I suppose it was done to match the deep colours of the polishes.

Ulta3 haul

From left: Corsican Rose and Soft Hydrangea from the 2012 Pastel Collection and English Rose and Foxy Russet. Both English Rose and Foxy Russet are from when Ulta3 still manufactured in Australia, so I was lucky with those two purchases.

Anyway, after that detour, back to Soft Hydrangea. It’s a beautiful pastel blue creme with just a hint of pink shimmer. I found it easy to apply and used two coats for full opacity.

Ulta3 Soft Hydrangea

Ulta3 Soft Hydrangea

It’s really pretty, isn’t it? I was surprised with how much I liked it. Pity we’re going into winter and this will make my hands look like they’re freezing off! I thought it would look good with some nail art so I added Pretty Serious BSOD to it. BSOD stands for blue screen of death, named after what happens on the monitor when a PC dies sometimes. I’ve never had to happen to me though! BSOD is an intense blue glitter in a blue base that just looks so deep when on the nail.

Ulta3 Soft Hydrangea Pretty Serious BSOD nail art

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