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No Holos! I <3 Unicorns franken

*Nothing to disclose

As I mentioned a few days ago I recently bought some frankens from Nat’s No Holos! blog sale. I have done that thing where you mix eyeshadow into a clear nail polish but I have never *properly* made a franken, so I was curious to see what a proper franken would be like.

No Holos! I <3 Unicorns

I ❤ Unicorns is a beautiful pastel purple milky base with purple, pink, green and white hex glitters, large white diamond glitters and purple and pink shimmer.  It’s pretty sheer so I did five thin coats to get it to what you see.

No Holos! I <3 Unicorns

No Holos! I <3 Unicorns

It’s a really pretty polish and I am very impressed with how easy it was to apply. I actually thought as it’s hand mixed from multiple polishes it might be gluggy or thick. It was just like a normal polish to me and I believe it’s in a Sally Hansen Diamond Strength bottle, so the brush was pretty good. Unfortunately as it is a franken, I think this is the only bottle. However, Nat has a few more franken polishes for sale still, so you should check out her blog if you’re interested.

Have you made a franken? Or bought one in a blog sale like me? Let me know below. Thanks for reading!