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Nail Rock turquoise nail wraps

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Hello! Happy weekend! So as I mentioned in my last post I yesterday went to see my favourite AFL team play, Sydney Swans, at Blundstone Arena in Hobart. It is the first time they’ve played in Hobart, so it was very exciting! And the best news was they won! So it was definitely worth seeing. The team they beat, North Melbourne Kangaroos, did a very good job in the first half but Sydney was just too good and came back in the second half for a 39-point win. Anywho, here is my nail art I did for the occasion: I put three coats of Ulta3 Lily White over Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar and used Scotch tape to do a triangle shape at the top of the nail. Here’s what it looked like (the photo quality isn’t the best as it was taken with my phone):

Sydney Swans Nails

Unfortunately, even though I put three coats of Lily White on, for some reason the red still appeared to drag through the white to make the white look pink! It’s wasn’t noticeable from too far away, but I couldn’t stop staring at it and feeling a little disappointed, so I just had to take it off as soon as possible after the game. The thing is, it wasn’t until I put on the top coat it did this, I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, so maybe the red leeched through to the white as the top coat dried? I have no idea.

So, moving on, today I tried some turquoise nail wraps by Nail Rock. I bought these from Priceline for AU$13.99, but I have noticed this week they are on special for AU$11.89. I fell in  love with the design of these, I mean, who could resist:

Nail Rock turquoise wraps

I very excited to try these wraps, I have tried two other brands before, Sally Hansen and Duuet (an Australian brand) and I was hoping these might be a successful as those two. Turns out no. I found these wraps so difficult to deal with! All bumpy and lumpy, which was a real shame.

Nail Rock turquoise wraps

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