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Blog sale

Welcome to my blog sale. Hopefully you’ll find something you like; I just want these polishes out the door. Nothing over $2! Please see the dot points below for more info. Check out my free polishes at the end of the page; all you pay is postage.

  • Postage is within Australia only. Postage: For up to 500g AU$8.25, up to 3kg AU$13.40 and up to 5kg AU$17.10 (as per Australia Post website for its prepaid satchels)
  • I accept PayPal for payment (F&F usually, but we can discuss other options). If you live in the Hobart area I am happy to do a meet up in person, which obviously means no shipping cost
  • Email me at haylee@drydammit.com and leave a comment below if you’re interested (the comment is in case the email goes into junk)
  • When I receive your email, I’ll mark the item(s) as PENDING and you’ll have three days to make payment before I’ll place the items for sale again (unless negotiated otherwise)
  • All prices are Australian dollar
  • For further questions or comments email me at haylee@drydammit.com

What the abbreviations mean:

  • SS: Swatched once on one swatch stick
  • S1: Swatched once on one hand
  • U1: Used once on both hands
  • U2: Used twice on both hands
  • BN: Brand new; never used

blogsale-8Miss Ashleigh

Where My Witches At? (U1, October 2013 What’s In-die Box?) 50c

Gloss ‘n Sparkle



Bed of Roses (U1, November 2013 What’s In-die Box?) 50c

Love Thy Polish

How Do You Spell FBI?

Alanna Renee

Purple Addiction

Glam Polish

Little Miss Naughty (SS, S1, July 2013 What’s In-die Box?) 50c

blogsale-16Sally Hansen

(Top, from left) Happy Manicures with Gem Crush pack (all polishes SS, S1) $2, Glitter Bomb, Big Shiny Top Coat (BN) $1, All Yarned Up (SS, U1) 50c, Blue Boom (U1) 50c, Rockstar Pink (SS, U1) 50c

(Bottom, from left) Miracle Gel pack in Pretty Piggy, Miracle Gel Street Flair (SS, U1) $1, Miracle Gel Top Coat, Sugar Coat Lick-O-Rich, Sugar Coat Cotton Candies, Sugar Coat Bubble Plum, Sugar Coat Sugar Fix


Flirt Nail Art Stamping Kit (Opened but never used) 50c

China Glaze

Material Gir


Sunny Sunday (SS, S1) 50c


Midnight Magic


Hologram Effect Flash Black

LA Colors



(From left) Denim Moore (SS) $2, Genius In The Bottle, Petrolpolitan (SS) $2

Sportsgirl Nail It!

(From left) Fantasy, 3 in 1 DIY Nail Pen kit


(From left) Shade 016(A) (SS) 25c, Shade 017(A) (SS) 25c

blogsale-3Rimmel London

(From left) Cranberry Zest (SS, U2) $1, Disco Ball (SS, U1) $1, Acid House (SS, U1) $1

Max Factor

(From left) Cactus Green (SS) 50c, Chilled Lilac (SS) 50c, Deep Grey (SS, U1) 50c

blogsale-5Etude House

(From left) Party Lover PPK006 (SS, U1) 50c, Pyjama Party PBL601, Celeb Girl PPP503 (SS, U1) 50c


(From left) Shimmy Shake (SS, U1) 50c, Eureka (SS, U1) 50c, Frisky Feathers (SS, U1) 50c


(From left) Boogie Nights (SS) 25c, Moonlight (BN) 25c, Bronze Debris (SS, U1) 25c, Blue Debris (SS) 25c, Mauve Debris (SS, U1) 25c


(From left) Saturday Disco Fever, Jamaica Me Crazy, Go Ginza, Bottle Service


(From left) Quick Dry Top Coat (BN) 50c, Quick Dry Top Coat (U1) 50c, Glitter On Me (SS, U1) 50c, Rebels Rock Coat, Sparkle Sand Top Coat, Crush On Blue (SS, U1) 50c, Bashful (SS) 50c


(From left) Colour Change Blue (SS) 50c, Colour Change Glitter Purple, Ladies That Lunch (SS, U1) 50c, Glitter Rubies & Sapphires (SS) 50c

blogsale-10Academy of Colour

(From left) Demin Effect polish and nail art stickers, Roar nail art set (U1) 50c, Apple scented polish and apple fimos


(Top, from left) Starfish, Nirvana (SS) 50c, Scene Stealer (SS, glitter sinks) 50c, Savage (SS) 50c, Glass Pink (SS) 50c, Pinky Glitter (SS) 50c, Kissy (SS) 50c, Mint Apple (SS, U1) 50c, Let’s Talk, Picante

(Bottom, from left) Beaches and Cream (SS, U1) 50c, Island Coral, Gilded, Gorgeous, Super Star (SS, U1, glitter sinks) 50c, Nail Junkie (SS, U1, glitter sinks) 50c, Purple Diamond, Be Happy (SS, U1) 50c, Boom Boom, Cupid’s Arrow, Dancing Nails


(Top, from left) PRO Purple Fusion (SS) 25c, Over The Rainbow, Dusty Rose (SS, U1) 25c, Christmas Confetti (SS) 25c, Silver Glitter (SS) 25c, Scarlet (BN) 25c, Citrus (SS) 25c, Show Stopper (BN) 25c, Pale Dahlia, Matte Black Base Coat, Orange Blossom (SS) 25c, Latte (SS) 25c, Adore

(Bottom, from left) Tropez (SS) 25c, Crystallina (SS) 25c, Lucky Bamboo (SS) 25c, Watermelon, Confetti (SS) 25c, French Pink (SS) 25c, Tahitian Lime (SS, U1) 25c, Sweet Violet, LagoonSilver Grey, Frog Prince (SS) 25c, Ice Ice (SS) 25c, La Beige (SS) 25c


(From top row to bottom row, from left) Back Satin, New Year’s Eve, Sizzling Red, Srawberry Sundae, Luck of the Irish, Bon Bon, Twinkle Toes, Disco Fever, Pot of Gold (all SS, 5ml minis) $1 for the lot, Cocoa (SS, U1) 25c, Jade (SS) 25c, Burnt Orange (SS) 25c, Enchanted (SS) 25c, Pinot (SS, tilted cap) 25c, Shiraz, Copper (SS) 25c, Copper (U1) 25c

blogsale-4Savvy by DB

(Top, from left) Glam & Chiq (SS, U1) 25c, Under the Sea, Blue Bayou (SS, S1) 25c, Love & Kisses, Sweet & Innocent (SS) 25c, Frostbite (SS) 25c, Outburst (SS, S1) 25c

(Bottom, from left) Galaxy, 100’s & 1000’s (SS, U1) 25c, Sugar & Spice (SS) 25c, Black Cat (SS, U1) 25c, Purple Viking (SS, S1) 25c, Rock & Roll (SS) 25c, Black Martini (SS) 25c


(Top) African Tea Rose

(Middle, from left) Scandalous , Sugar Plum, Gold Goddess, Blue Lagoon, Midnight Sparkle, Radiant, Carioca Crush, Ocean, Fashionista (SS, U2) 50c, Popular (SS, U1) 50c

(Bottom, from left) Trendy (SS) 50c, Natural (BN) 50c, Copa Sunset, Oi Beautiful, Heavenly, Charming (SS, U2) 50c, Whimsical (SS, U2) 50c, Girly (SS) 50c, Sparkling (SS) 50c, Posh (SS, S1, U2) 50c, Dreamer


I thought it might be nice to offer the polishes below to a fellow polish lover first rather than bringing to a secondhand store. All you pay is shipping.

blogsale-15TOP ROW

Chi Chi

I Don’t Gossip So Listen


Diamond in the Rough

L’Oreal Paris

Exotic Canaries

Max Factor

Candy Blue

Etude House

Boom Boom Boom PWH905 (glitter sinks)


Pink Bubbly (glitter sinks)


Lotsa Liquorice, Mini Musks, 100s & 1000s, Sugar Sprinkles



Dashing Ocean

Kmart lips & tips

Candy Rock



Colour by TBN

(From left) Mauvalicious, Morning Glory, Neptune


(From left) Killer Instincts (shatter requires thinner, polish fine), Love Hurts (shatter requires thinner, polish fine), Milky Way (glitter requires thinner, polish fine)


We Are All Bright (has acetone damage, see photo below)

Essence2Close-up of acetone damage to the bottle of We Are All Bright. Polish lids still screw on fine and polish is fine for use.









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