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Nicole Diary floral water decals


*Press sample

Hi there! Tonight I have some water nail decals to show you from Nicole Diary. I was approached by the Nicole Diary team to test run a few of its water decals and I have to say – they’re a lot of fun to wear! I have two designs to show you, but I still have more that I’ll post as I wear them. Before we begin, a note on the pics. Sorry about how they look a bit off, when I took the photos I was trialling my new nighttime set up and some of the lighting is a bit “extreme” to say the least. Let’s go!

Nicole Diary water decals swatched by Dry, Dammit!

Nicole Diary water decals swatched by Dry, Dammit!

Nicole Diary water decals swatched by Dry, Dammit!

Nicole Diary water decals swatched by Dry, Dammit!

So the two designs I have are both floral because I’m a sucker for the floral look as I am so incredibly bad at doing flowers freehand. My nail polish bases were Femme Fatale Cosmetics Horae Awaits (in the top pics) and Emily de Molly LE30 (in the bottom pics). In both instances, I had to cut the decal to my rough nail shape, soak in water for about 10 seconds and then apply to the nail. I then used a brush dipped in pure acetone to clean up the edges – the decals melted away just like magic, which was wonderful, and I found them to work just like MILV water decals, to be honest. I then added a top coat of Seche Vite.

The downside of these decals is that in some of the packs, one side has a clear backing and the other side has a (usually white) opaque backing. I now like to wear decals over some kind of funky polish so they stick out rather than just white, so I found this to be annoying – and there’s no indication of such on the packaging so I only found out after competing one full hand! Otherwise, I thought these decals were great. Like all decals on me, even after a day (and going hard on wrapping my tips) the decals somehow seemed to pull from the nail edges, but I reckon I could get a few good days’ worth of use out of these. Removal is simple – just with acetone.


  • Where to buy: AliExpress
  • Cost: US99c each
  • What you get: 1 packet of water decals enough for 10 nails

There are some lovely decals to choose from at AliExpress, so I recommend you take a peek, even if you hadn’t thought of buying. I’ll bring you some more pics on Instagram, so pop by my account and follow me if you’d like to see more. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Me likely, very pretty.

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