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Born Pretty Store holographic and paisley nail foils


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Hello! Tonight I bring you some foils I received from Born Pretty Store for review. I haven’t had a lot of experience with nail foils and I wanted to see what these deigns would look like on my nails. I think it came out reasonably well – read on for more!

Born Pretty Store foils swatched by Dry, Dammit!

Born Pretty Store foils swatched by Dry, Dammit!

I have two nail foils to show you. One is a holographic foil and it’s on my thumb, index and middle fingers. The other is a paisley print and it’s on my ring and little fingers.

I used a base of Pretty Serious Cosmetics Irresistibly Pink and applied a top coat of Seche. When fully dry I then added a thin coat of foil glue (which I think is just PVC glue with water and maybe glycerin; I got mine from a Ciate kit I bought), waited until clear and then placed the foil on top and in one smooth(ish) move ripped it off the nail. Now, the thing I found with both foils is that it’s hard to know which side is the side that applies the pattern to the nail, so unless you test beforehand and make a mark on the foil, it’s 50/50 in working, really. I stuffed up a few times and had to rub off the glue and go again, which isn’t too bad but not very neat or fun.

The better the glue the better the application of the foil, I think. My glue was getting a bit old and you can see – especially on the holo fingers – that the foil is a bit stripey. I think if my glue wasn’t so old it would be better. The holo effect is striking but the paisley print would look better on a darker base colour, although it does look good in full sun. The amount of foil you get is pretty good. With the other foils I own, they’re just small squares whereas both of these nail foils are 1m long and 4cm wide. That’s a lot of nail art!

Once I had all my fingers foiled I then applied one thick coat of Seche, just to seal it all in properly. You can’t really go without top coat on a foil design because the glue will just rub off.

Born Pretty Store foils swatched by Dry, Dammit!



I think out of the two foils I like the holo effect one the most. It really looks good in the sun and I like that it has quite a decent flame to it. The paisley print is pretty, but my nails are too small to get a good sized pattern. If you have wide nail beds I reckon they would look great on you. Feel free to use my discount code, HVX31, for 10% off your order if you’re purchasing from Born Pretty Store. Thanks for reading!







2 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store holographic and paisley nail foils

  1. I just received my order of really pretty foils but I have the same problem as you. Thank you for the hint of marking the foils, I am going to use a “Post It” note, cut smaller, and put it on the side that should be away from the glue. Right now I have the beautiful foil of gold and purple on my Hush, ILNP brand, nail polish. Looks really nice.

    • I’m so glad you found that useful, Debi. Nothing worse than using the wrong side of the foils – as we’ve both found out. Reminds me to pull out my foils and give them another whirl. Your nails sound lovely and I bet you’re totally rocking them. 😀

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