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Born Pretty Store peacock water decals


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Hello, hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful festive season so far. Mine time has been busy full of family, work and just life in general. Because of this, I pretty much haven’t changed my nail polish for about a week! (I know, right!?). To fill the void I’ve been wearing a lot of bright lipsticks as I feel this is an easy and fun way to add some colour to my day. I’ve got a nice little stash going now, too! So much so I’ve bought a beauty bag specifically for lipsticks… it’s all a bit of fun! At least my husband hopes so.

Anywho, for the past week I’ve been wearing some peacock water decals from Born Pretty Store. There are four designs you can pick from, some a little more abstract than just an actual peacock, but I played it safe and got C197 – the most realistic-looking design to me. Plus, I do love the overall colouring of the design. Also, I just want to say warning about my dry cuticles up ahead. I was going to put some hand cream on before I started taking photos but there was a crying baby and a shot amount of time and all that jazz. So dry it is!

Born Pretty Store peacock water decals swatched by Dry, Dammit!

Born Pretty Store peacock water decals swatched by Dry, Dammit!

So, as you can see above, the bottom half of the decals is where all the good stuff is, I think. However, annoyingly for me, the bottom decals had to go on my Cinderella hand as that’s the way they best fitted. So that’s why in my pics it’s all just feathers. On my IG I showed my followers a macro of the peacock head on my Cinderella hand and I think it looks pretty good!

Born Pretty Store peacock water decals swatched by Dry, Dammit!

Born Pretty Store peacock water decals swatched by Dry, Dammit!

Born Pretty Store peacock water decals swatched by Dry, Dammit!

I really enjoyed these decals. They were really simple to put on once cut to fit your cuticle line. I find that the most difficult part, actually cutting each individual decal to fit your nail. This is probably because I use large, awkward scissors and not little cuticle scissors. I just know how to use scissors better, if that makes sense? Oh well, I think I did a decent job, only my ring finger had a bit of the white base showing. The white polish I used was one coat of Face of Australia Miss Congeniality as I just needed a general base for it to be placed on. I didn’t think the decals would look too good just applied to the nail as the white areas were slightly see through. I did find these decals a bit difficult to trim when once on the nail though. And when I did trim them, it would stretch some of the decals, making them look as if my nails had a slight white tip (such as my index finger). I think I just need to practice more, personally. Once the decal was on the nail I applied two coats of Seche. And then it was as simple as that, really. A week later the decals were still going strong and it was only when I did my friend’s nails for her wedding when they started to come off a bit as I was using a lot of acetone.


  • Where to buy: Born Pretty Store
  • Cost: US$1.67 (here)
  • What you get: 1 packet of peacock water decals of your choice, which is enough for 10 nails

I really enjoyed these decals and I do think they’re such fun. I actually wouldn’t mind trying out C199 as I think that looks really psychedelic. Plus you could probably use them here and there as accent nails rather than a whole nail art look if you prefered. If you’re going to check out Born Pretty Store, use my 10% off code, HVX31, for 10% off your next order. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store peacock water decals

  1. These are so pretty. I love the colours.

    Glad to hear things are going well. I’ve been pretty busy too! All the best for the new year 😀 You will have it before us in Scotland 😉 Lol!

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