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I’m having a blog sale

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Hiya! This is more a “housekeeping” post but I wanted to let you know I’m having a blog sale! (The link is also in the top right corner of the blog or under Menu on a device). It’s been a long time coming and with my time off recently preparing for the baby (I’m now past 40 weeks!) I have plenty of time on my hands. Obviously with a baby on the way I’ll need you to be a bit patient with me in terms of turnaround time, but I promise to keep you updated along the way.

Pretty much what you need to know is it’s just shipping within Australia with postage starting at AU$8.50 for 500g or less or if you’re in the Hobart area I’m happy to meet up to avoid the shipping cost. There’s a selection of mainstream brands, a few Aussie indies and some cheapie nail art supplies. So go and check out my blog sale page now (it has more details). The photo below is a peek of what I have for sale.

GlamGlam Polish

(From left) Little Miss Naughty (SS, S1, July 2013 What’s In-die Box?) $6, Ahhhh… Aliens!!! (SS, S1, June 2013 What’s In-die Box?) $6

Lilypad Lacquer

(From left) It’s Not Easy Being Green (SS, S1, January 2014 What’s In-die Box?) $8, Skulloween (SS, S1, October 2014 What’s In-die Box?) $8

Also I’ve updated my where I shop page. I’ve added more shops and more details, so if you’re curious about where I buy my polishes from or nail art supplies from, then take a look. More shops are still to come. Thanks for reading!

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