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ulta3 Orchid

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Hiya! I thought I needed to get at least one post in for August, geez, how slack have I been? I have been trying to be more active on my IG account though while I’m going through these quiet times on my blog, so check me out there!

So this is an oldie but a goodie from ulta3 called Orchid. It’s from ulta3’s Spring / Summer Collection in 2011. I’ve actually never seen it in shops before, but I’ve certainly kept an eye out for it since first reading about it. I knew I’d love it as it’s purple and a true one-coater, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

ulta3 Orchid by Dry, Dammit!

ulta3 Orchid by Dry, Dammit!

So while I said it’s a one-coater, I still used two coats with a top coat of Seche. Orchid is a deep purple shimmer that has a lovely redish glow to it, which I tried to capture in the picture below:

ulta3 Orchid by Dry, Dammit!

ulta3 Orchid by Dry, Dammit!

ulta3 Orchid by Dry, Dammit!


  • Where to buy: Guardian Pharmacy, Terry White Chemists, Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse (this is where I got mine, near Woolworths in Hobart’s CBD)
  • Cost: AU$2
  • Volume: 13ml

My husband and I are heading into the wilderness this weekend for our second wedding anniversary so I’m hoping to have another post on Sunday night (meaning two posts for August :p). In the meantime, have a great weekend. Thanks for reading!

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