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Gabriella Salvete Stars Enamel Lila


*Nothing to disclose

Hello! Today I thought I’d show you another of my polishes I picked up while away in Europe: Gabriella Salvete Lila from the Stars Enamel Collection, which pretty much just means textured polish. Yes, another one!

I loved this one A) because it’s pink and textured and B) because as soon as I tried it I knew it would be a quality polish. I found this in a Rossmann (a European department store like Myer) in Prague. I wore it straight away and loved it then and now trying it again I love it even more (for a pink!). It’s like the perfect amount of texture – noticeable, but not scratchy. It’s a pink base with silver glitters of various sizes throughout. Beautiful.

Gabriella Salvete Stars Enamel Lila by Dry, Dammit!

Gabriella Salvete Stars Enamel Lila by Dry, Dammit!

Gabriella Salvete Stars Enamel Lila by Dry, Dammit!

Gabriella Salvete Stars Enamel Lila by Dry, Dammit!

What you see is two coats without top coat. These picture are also from the second day of wear and as you can see, no chipping! I love it. Also – if everything else wasn’t good enough for you – it was easily removed without the foil method. I love that in a glitter polish. Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Gabriella Salvete Stars Enamel Lila

  1. Beautiful polish! Very glam and spring friendly :3

  2. I love how it’s just the right amount of texture. It doesn’t go over the top, but it’s more than just bumpy, if that makes sense. And such a gorgeous shade of pink. Definitely a good find.

  3. I bought Gabriella Salvete Sugar Enamel in colour Sweetheart 02 while being on vacation in Vienna (in a Bipa shop). It amazed me how fast it dries, how even is the coverage already in 1 coat! (Note that I’m a nail polish addict, having constatly more than 500 polishes for ages now.) Unfortunately I cannot buy it at home, but anyone who can have a hand on this one, don’t hesitate, it is a great polish! You will LOVE it!

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