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essence Dopey from the Snow White Collection


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Hiya! Tonight I have a really quick update with you to show you a polish I wore before I went away but totally forgot to post about. I remember how nice it was wearing it because at the time I thought it was a bit bright for the season (coming out of winter)… looking back at it now it’s really not!

essence Dopey by Dry, Dammit!

Yes, it’s Dopey from essence’s Snow White Collection that I believe it had about a year ago. I grabbed Dopey and Snow White (a red jelly in a slightly larger 7ml bottle) for clearance both for AU$2 from a Priceline I don’t usually visit, so I was just lucky.

Dopey is a beautiful pastel blue creme with fine silver glitter throughout – it’s not gritty at all though. I used two coats and top coat in what you see here, I think I should have used three through because it’s a bit thin up near my cuticles and at the free edge. I wore this for a couple of days only and the wear was decent, not really any noticeable wear, and I found removal to be easy peasy.

essence Dopey by Dry, Dammit!

essence Dopey by Dry, Dammit!


  • Where to buy: Priceline
  • Cost: AU$2.95 (I got mine for AU$2 reduced, I think only a few in random stores now)
  • Volume: 5ml
  • Coats to opacity: Three

I really love essence’s Snow White Collection so I’m happy I was able to find Dopey, I mean, he was sitting there pretty much alone on the shelf so I had to take him home! I’ve noticed in Priceline the new essence collection called Ticket to Paradise recently. I saw this when in Europe and I didn’t like the look of it then and I still don’t really like the look of it now (apart from maybe the lipglosses, which I’m a sucker for!). I guess you win some and lose some. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “essence Dopey from the Snow White Collection

  1. I love these and I actually had to get a backup of this beauty! It looks fab on you, by the way!

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