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OPI Push and Shove & Lay Down That Base from the Gwen Stefani Collection


*Nothing to disclose

Evening! Tonight I have for you one of the polishes from the OPI Gwen Stefani Collection: Push and Shove. With this polish OPI has a specially designed base coat to wear called Lay Down That Base. Now, I’ve been seeing a few reviews on Push and Shove so when I saw it (to my complete surprise!) at my local Glow Cosmetics I snatched it straight up to try it.

Thankfully because OPI recommends the base coat with the polish it’s included a teeny tiny (3.75ml) bottle; the same size as the minis you’d usually buy from OPI. I have yet to see a full size bottle for sale, which I find a bit weird because obviously if it’s a base coat for Push and Shove how is is meant to last as long as a full size bottle of Push and Shove?

OPI Push and Shove by Dry, Dammit!

OPI Push and Shove by Dry, Dammit!

So above is what the packaging looks like together. This is my first chrome polish, which is the main reason why I bought it, so I was actually interested to read the bit about Push and Shove being “intended for One Night Only wear”. I didn’t know that about chrome polishes. Now I do.

In the reviews I have been reading I’ve discovered that Lay Down That Base isn’t a good ridge filler. So before I applied it I put a layer of my usual base coat on and then Lay Down That Base. Lay Down That Base is incredibly sticky and hard to manage, I don’t really like it to be honest, and then you need to put down two coats because you get worried about it being patchy.

After putting the base coats on I then did two coats of Push and Shove and I struggled, I’ve got to tell you. I don’t think adding the extra base really helped either, sadly, you could still see all the ridges on my nails. I tried to make my layers as even as I could, but when the brush even crossed over an area already polished by the tiniest bit it would go bald. Argh! So be careful!

OPI Push and Shove by Dry, Dammit!

OPI Push and Shove by Dry, Dammit!

OPI Push and Shove by Dry, Dammit!

OPI Push and Shove by Dry, Dammit!

OPI Lay Down That Base and Push and Shove by Dry, Dammit!

I did really like the shine on this though and I did enjoy wearing the polish once the ordeal of application was over. The polish dried super fast and because you don’t need a top coat, you’re pretty much good to go in no time at all. I thought the wear time would be terrible because that’s what the packaging implied, but after a day and a bit of wear I had minimal tip wear/chips so I decided to see what it would look like with a top coat. I just used one coat of Seche and I found it to look exactly the same, as you can see below. I wore it like this for a couple of extra days and the wear wasn’t too bad at all.

OPI Push and Shove by Dry, Dammit!


  • Where to buy: Glow Cosmetics
  • Cost: AU$16
  • Volume: 15ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two
  • What you get: A large bottle of Push and Shove and a 3.75ml bottle of Lay Down That Base, the recommended base coat

Have you seen any of the Gwen Stefani Collection about? I’m keen on a few of the other p0lishes, but considering they’re so expensive I’ll have to choose wisely. I’ve got my eye on Love.Angel.Music.Baby., a gold matte/satin. It just looks incredible I think. Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “OPI Push and Shove & Lay Down That Base from the Gwen Stefani Collection

  1. The dreaded exposure of ridges, just can’t seem to escape it with most metallic/chrome polishes. But I definitely liked the shade and shine of this so thanks for reviewing it. Not sure about the ‘one night only’ thing, I think that was a bit unnecessary

    • Yeah, I thought so too, but then I thought maybe OPI has the disclosure there for first time users of a chrome polish? Who knows. I actually didn’t realise how many ridges my nails had until this polish! I need to get a good buffer.

  2. 4intheMorning is an awesome black satin/matte if you don’t have one, and I sing in color is a great deep reddish purple, which looks great with a purple glitter over it.

    • I’ll have to keep an eye out for those too then! And did you say reddish purple and it goes well with glitter? I’m so looking for I Sing in Color now! Thank you.

  3. It looks fantastic, its just such a pity about how difficult it was. Hopefully they’ll come up with a better application. The funny thing is, looking at the pictures, I always assumed the polish would be thin, not thick.

  4. I just can’t get over how amazing the pictures are!

  5. Really love reading your reviews. I’m only new here – your friend Katrina sent me, hehe 🙂

  6. i keep using mine for nail art but haven’t worn this on it’s own yet !

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