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A nail blog by an impatient polisher

Dry, Dammit! is now on Instagram @drydammit

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Are you on Instagram? Enjoy my blog? Then why not combine the two and follow me on Instagram! One of my New Year resolutions was to put a bit more finesse into my blog this year and one way I’ve decided to do that is through Instagram. In the past few weeks I’ve joined and just put up a few images so far; it’s actually been quite a learning curve! But I’m enjoying it so I would love for you to follow me.

I figure Instagram is more of a natural extension of Dry, Dammit! rather than setting up a Facebook or Twitter account. As a visual medium, it suits me better at this stage. If anyone knows of any handy Instagram tricks of the trade I’d love to hear them! Also let me know your Instagram name if you’d like me to follow you.

You can find me by searching for @drydammit in Instagram or clicking the link to your right I’ve made up (right at the bottom if you’re reading on a mobile!) Thanks for reading!

Please leave a comment! I read every one and always reply.

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