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Nail polish haul & Look by BIPA Glitter Coral


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Hello! Finally after settling back into home life and work I’m ready to blog! I have a pretty big post for you tonight but I’m sure you won’t mind considering it’s mostly pictures of my haul from the past week – and who doesn’t like looking at people’s hauls?

It turns out while I was away I missed out on quite a bit of nail polish news. Over the weekend I went to my local Target and what was there but a brand spanking new Nicole by OPI stand! Wha? Little ol’ Target and Nicole by OPI? I noticed the polishes were AU$12.95 each. Also in Target was a massive Sinful Colors display with what I think are some holiday polishes. Also Sinful Colors is now AU$4 at Target, down by AU.95c. I went into my local Kmart and there was no more Sinful Colors! I was sad about that.

Anywho, while at Target I couldn’t help but pick up three Sinful Colors polishes (and still cheaper than just one Nicole by OPI!). You can see them below.

Sinful Colors mini haulFrom left: Super Star, Pinky Glitter and Triple Platinum.

Then I was in a chemist near my work and I spotted the Ulta3 Candy Couture nail book so I just had to buy it… there goes AU$24.95! But totally worth it, I think, as I didn’t think I would find it considering it’s limited edition. I can’t wait to do a proper post on this and show you some awesome looks!

The Ulta3 Candy Couture nail book

Here’s some peeks of the polishes and caviar beads inside:

Polishes from the Ulta3 Candy Couture nails bookFrom left: Berry Crush, Rock Candy, Gingerbread and Sugar Coated.

Polishes from the Ulta3 Candy Couture nails bookFrom left: Sour Grape, Gumball, Fairy Floss and Peach Pie.

Polishes from the Ulta3 Candy Couture nails bookFrom left: Berry Blue, Toffee Apple, Min-tea and Lemon Drop.

Polishes from the Ulta3 Candy Couture nails bookFrom left: Caviar beads 100s & 1000s, Lotsa Liquorice, Mini Musks and Sugar Sprinkles.

I also bought a few assorted Ulta3s, I haven’t seen Lucky Bamboo before so that’s why I picked it up, even though the colour doesn’t really do much for me. That’s the good thing about Ulta3, at AU$2 you can give any colour a try without feeling guilty! Palette Play, Tone It Up and Bright Me are all from Ulta3’s recent Colour Game Collection. I also picked up the other two polishes from the Colour Game Collection from another chemist, Emerald Inten-ciy and Block It Out, but I don’t have their photos here sorry.

Ulta3 mini haulFrom left: Jelly, Citrus, Lucky Bamboo, Palette Play, Tone It Up and Bright Me.

And finally, if that wasn’t enough for you, I also stopped by my favourite Priceline and bought some new Savvy by DBs and one of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes, which were on special.

Savvy by DB polishesFrom left: Sally Hansen Bubble Plum, Savvy by DB Under the Sea, Savvy by DB Surfer Girl and Savvy by DB Cruise.

But wait, there’s more! I was at The Reject Shop and saw some really cute nail polish highlighters (OK, so they’re highlighters in the shape of nail polish bottles, not highlighters made from nail polish) and I bought them too, just a novelty really, but I thought it would be fun to show you. The second photo is how the highlighters work. I’m pretty sure they’re not going to last long, but oh well.

Nail polish highlighters

Nail polish highlighters

Phew! Now that I’ve shown you all that I can finally concentrate on Look by BIPA Glitter Coral. Look by BIPA is a home brand to a company called BIPA; it’s very similar to Priceline here in Australia. I bought this in Austria, I’m not sure if that’s only where BIPAs are but it’s the only country I saw them. I was in Vienna actually when I picked this up and thought it would be perfect from summer when I returned home. And I was not disappointed! This is an orange polish with tiny gold flecks through it and a really nice, even textured effect. I think this is a great summer polish and the textured effect of it just makes it even more perfect for the season.

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

I wore this over the weekend and it started chipping after two days, but it was still a lot of fun to wear. What you see is two coats; it was so easy to apply and dried so fast! Double good considering then you don’t have to worry about a top coat unless you really want to. It’s a very pretty polish and that’s saying a lot for me considering I’m not the biggest fan of orange polishes. Removal was a cinch too – I just used cotton balls, but if you’re not sure you could use the foil method.

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

Look by BIPA Glitter Coral textured polish by Dry, Dammit!

It’s such a pity this polish can’t be bought in Australia, or something similar at least. Maybe a clever person mix a few textured polishes together and get the same result? If only it were that easy, hey? Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Nail polish haul & Look by BIPA Glitter Coral

  1. It’s really good to have you back! And it seems like you’ve been having some shopping fun since you got home 😉 The BIPA polish looks like a great summer polish. Now we just need a bit more summery weather. The sugar polishes always look so difficult to get off, so it’s great that this one is so easy.

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  3. Just found your blog and thought the textured polish looks a lot like Face of Australia’s Swim Between the Flags.

  4. BIPA is close to OPI’s Jinx! I have Swim Between the Flags and it’s not very similar. Where did you pick up Candy Couture from? I’ve been patiently waiting for Ulta3 to update their stockists for the collection but no luck so far.

    • Oh my goodness, you are so right! Good eyes! I don’t own OPI Jinx myself but I did a quick Google search and you’re right. I got Candy Couture from the Derwent Park Pharmacy (It’s the Guardian brand). It was sitting towards the back of the Ulta3 display; when I bought it that was the last one. However, I have left my details with Derwent Park Pharmacy before when I’ve wanted some Ulta3 products and they’re able to get the Ulta3 stockist lady to bring in products especially the next time she comes in, if that helps.

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