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My new swatch sticks & how I store my polish


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Evening! Tonight I have a bit of a different post for you. You might remember a while back I told you how I was swatching all my polishes onto swatch sticks. Well, I have finished doing that and can now show you! Below is what 350 polishes look like swatched. As you can see I have put them on binder rings, which I just bought from Officeworks. The swatch sticks themselves are from eBay. To save on top coat, I painted the back of the stick so the top would be shiny. With textured polishes, you can just look at the back of the stick to see them and then look at the front of the stick to see it with a top coat. Win-win!

This is quite a picture heavy post so further below I have included a jump link that you can click on to read more.

The Dry, Dammit! stash

Below are some close ups of my swatch sticks:

The Dry, Dammit! stash in white

My whites. With my swatches I like to keep glitters in coloured bases in their respective colour groups, if that makes sense.

The Dry, Dammit! stash in silver

My silver swatches.

The Dry, Dammit! stash in red

My red swatches.

The Dry, Dammit! stash in purple

My purple swatches. This is my biggest colour range! I can’t help it, I love purple.

The Dry, Dammit! stash in pink

My pink swatches.

The Dry, Dammit! stash in orange

My yellow / orange swatches.

The Dry, Dammit! stash in green

My green swatches.

The Dry, Dammit! stash in glitter

Here are my glitters. I keep anything together that can’t make full coverage by itself.

The Dry, Dammit! stash in brown

My brown swatches. I’ve just realised now I’ve placed these back to front; this goes from dark to light instead of light to dark!

The Dry, Dammit! stash in blue

Blue swatches. My second largest collection.

The Dry, Dammit! stash in black

Finally, my black swatches.

After taking these photos I decided to carry on and take photos of how I store my polish. Now, I don’t have a fancy set up. All I have are two plastic containers that I bought from The Reject Shop, which I then stack into a sliding cupboard with my other sophisticated storage devices; my shoe boxes that contain nail polish accessories.

The Dry, Dammit! storage

The little pile of nail polishes to the right are ones that I need to swatch and some I need to add thinner to in order to see if it will make the polish better. To the left you can see my 1L bottle of acetone and in the glass jar are my neon studs I spilt everywhere after I got it in the mail.

The Dry, Dammit! storage

Here’s the box I keep my swatches in; an old Basque box.

The Dry, Dammit! storage

Here’s the fun stuff! My nail art supplies such as sponges, stamping equipment, tape, stripers and stickers.

The Dry, Dammit! storage

Here are my top coats, base coats and any other coat you can think of.

The Dry, Dammit! storage

Here’s the inside of one of my plastic containers. I was going to take a picture of my other one, but then figured you can’t see much so I’ll just leave it.

The Dry, Dammit! workspace

Finally, this is where I do my nails: in front of the TV! Perfect. But I do have this gorgeous view:

The Dry, Dammit! workspace

OK, so you can’t see it as well as you probably could, but you get the picture (no pun intended). Oh, and I wanted to quickly show you the white wall where I take my photos, which is actually located in my kitchen:

The Dry, Dammit! workspace

Right there! Under the clock. That’s where I take my photos. I know, incredible, right? But it just gives the most perfect lighting for some reason.

Anywho, that;s it for me tonight. I’m glad I’ve been able to give you more of an insight into my polish collection and how I do what I do. Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “My new swatch sticks & how I store my polish

  1. So organised. I’m quite jealous, mine are all just in a shoe box, with odds and ends left around. Is it weird to say I actually love the look of all those swatches? There’s just something about that much colour in order, makes me feel all peaceful 🙂

  2. Ohh you are so organised! That’s great! I recently ‘upgraded’ from variety of storage containers/shoe boxes to helmers. Though I bought two, I’m still only using one helmer. hahaaha!! Ohh but I really love how you keep track of swatches of polishes that you own. I think I would have to do the same! I’ve been wondering how I should keep track of my colours wouldn’t want to accidentally buy too many similar colours. 😀 Thanks for sharing this! Oh by the way, how much were your swatch sticks?

    • Thank you! I also have a spreadsheet I update whenever I buy a polish and it also tracks what ones I’ve worn and what I haven’t worn. I would love to own helmers someday! So much easier than getting on the floor to go through your things. I got the swatch sticks from eBay at first I was using this seller at AU$2.70 for 50 and free shipping, but they took a little longer than what I liked so I changed to this seller who is more expensive at AU$3.24 for 50 and free shipping, but they arrived quicker and there were more options available, such as the round swatch reels, too.

  3. What size binder rings did you use to hold all of your swatch sticks?

    • Hiya! I used rings in size 25mm. You can get bigger or smaller ones though, I guess it depends on how many swatch sticks you want to hold together. I bought mine from Officeworks, but you can buy them online, too. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

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