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I Heart Nail Art Lichtenstein nail decals


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Evening! Today I bring you some nail decals by I Heart Nail Art I wore last week. I showed you a Mark Rothko nail decal I wore a few months ago, where I just wore one as a nail accent. Obviously this time I decided to use a decal on all my nails. The nail decals you see are inspired by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein (famous for the comic strip look).

The nail decals are really easy to put on and it comes with simple instructions. All you need to do is cut the nail decal out to the shape of your nail, put down a base coat (and colour if you wish), dip the decal in water for five seconds, slide onto your nail and whack on a top coat. However, I found that trimming the nail decals a bit tricky. I had some problem last time with filing, so this time I used clippers to cut the excess nail decal off. This still created that “white tip” effect that you see below. I wish it looked neater! This is only a day of wear. The excess top coat around my cuticles doesn’t help the look either, sorry.

I Heart Nail Art Lichtenstein nail decals by Dry, Dammit!

I Heart Nail Art Lichtenstein nail decals by Dry, Dammit!

Some of the “white tip” effect was because I tried to wrap the excess nail decal under my free edge, but it didn’t seem to work that well. However from a distance it’s not too shabby!

I Heart Nail Art Lichtenstein nail decals by Dry, Dammit!

I Heart Nail Art Lichtenstein nail decals by Dry, Dammit!

I really like these decals, but I think you need to practice with them. Start off with an accent nail like I did. This would help with the trimming when on the nail and the cutting out to size to fit your nail shape in the first place.


  • Where to buy: I Heart Nail Art
  • Cost: AU$8.08 (I paid AU$6.27 for mine in June)
  • What you get: 18 water nail decals (my pack is of the old formula with 30 decals)

I’ll note that since buying my decals I’ve been informed the formula has changed. You also get 18 decals instead of 30 (the new sizes are better shaped to the nail bed than the former decals) and the price has increased slightly. I look forward to trying the new formula some time! There are some really cute designs to choose from such as bunting, Pac-Man, palm trees and Tetris. What do you think? Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “I Heart Nail Art Lichtenstein nail decals

  1. I love these, he is one of my favorite artists!

  2. Those are really cute! And you’ve done a great job considering how fussy they sound – but practice makes perfect 😉

  3. these are sick!!! awesome job

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