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3D neon studs nail art


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Hello! Geez it’s a bit like long time, no post, hey? Well I have been a little busy. My husband and I are going to Europe for three months at the beginning of October… what I will do with Dry, Dammit! yet is still in question, I’m thinking I’ll update it just once a week with polishes I buy in Europe or other nail polish stuff. I plan on going to WAH Nails when in London. Exciting! So anyway, in preparation for that, we’ve been cleaning the house and essentially doing a giant spring clean – fitting for the first day of spring! Oh, and it’s also our first-year wedding anniversary today. And I didn’t wear any nail polish! I had a design in mind, but we went out to tea last night and I just didn’t have time and then I couldn’t be bothered today. Sorry! But there’s nothing stopping me doing the design I had in mind another time, hey?

Anywho, I wanted to show you tonight some neon 2mm circular studs I bought from eBay. Usually I wouldn’t wear this many studs in one go, but because I was so excited when I got them, I figured I wanted to do something different on every finger. I think my favourite design is the little finger though, I like the cute little flower look. Second favourite is my thumb, I got the design so neat! You need a wax pencil to pick up the studs effectively, which I also got off eBay a little while ago now.

3D stud nail art by Dry, Dammit!

3D stud nail art by Dry, Dammit!

For my nail polish I used two coats of Sinful Colors Be Happy (which strangely is darker on the nail than in the bottle; when I got it out to use I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t as neon as I wanted to match the studs). I did both hands with the same designs, but just mixed it up on each finger.

3D stud nail art by Dry, Dammit!

3D stud nail art by Dry, Dammit!

3D stud nail art by Dry, Dammit!


  • Where to buy: eBay, from seller echofairyland
  • Cost: AU$4.50
  • What you get: About 250-350 pieces

Apparently these studs are also glow in the dark, which I didn’t try out, but next time I will! And I have to say, the wear time on these was great, I wore them for three days including when I cleaned out under the house and they only scratched; they didn’t come off at all. Of course, you need a good top coat though. On my nails I used one coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Be wary of bubbles with the studs; on my middle finger in particular you can really see some bubbles. I think the trick is to push the studs into the polish as much as possible so there’s no room for air to get in.

So that’s it from me tonight, I hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “3D neon studs nail art

  1. I need this, STAT!!

  2. I LOVE THIS!! So much fun!

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