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Bourjois Violet Couture


*Nothing to disclose

Evening! Today I bring to you a creme I picked up at Priceline recently with one of those Sister Club redemption vouchers. I think “Sister Club” is such a silly sounding name; it also implies that women can only join, which I find off-putting. Anywho, moving on. Today’s polish is Violet Couture by Bourjois, I’m not sure why it’s called violet considering it is definitely more pink. It’s one of the So Laque! polishes, which is meant to have ultra shine, but to be honest I don’t think this polish is a standout for its shine, even with a top coat.

Bourjois Violet Couture by Dry, Dammit!

Bourjois Violet Couture by Dry, Dammit!

Violet Couture is a pink creme and what you see on my nails is two coats. The formula was nice, a little on the runny side, and the brush was wonderful, wide and easy to use. I don’t know if this is just me, but it seemed like the polish turned darker on my nails after a few hours of wear. As you can see in the above photo, the polish on my nails looks really different to the bottle.

Bourjois Violet Couture by Dry, Dammit!

Bourjois Violet Couture by Dry, Dammit!


  • Where to buy: Priceline
  • Cost: AU$12
  • Volume: 10ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

This is my first Bourjois polish and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I realised when I got home that this is near on dupe for Natio Adore, so it kind of feels a bit pointless for me now. I’m just so relieved I only paid AU$3 for it instead of the full price of AU$12! For that price I just wouldn’t buy Bourjois polishes. The colour range isn’t that huge and it’s a lot of money for just your average creme.

So, have you tried any Bourjois polishes? What do you think of them? Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Bourjois Violet Couture

  1. I don’t think we have Bourjois in the states. This is such a great traditional color.

  2. Yay for 1/2 price! I like berry shades like this!

    And yes, sister club does make it exclusive to guys, which seems unfair

  3. Hey, I really love your blog and so I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!
    Click the link below to check it out and accept your award 🙂

  4. Such a strange name for it, as it’s definitely not a purple based colour. Still, it’s very pretty.

  5. I used to love Bourjois when I first started out painting my nails and got almost every one of their shades especially when Priceline does sales. As I ventured more into the nail fanatic territory and found other brands like CG or OPI, it just wasn’t the same anymore. I went back to my stash the other day and painted one of my old favourites, Rouge Escarpin which was a gorgeous red but chipped in a couple of days.

    • I know! I think the price is ridiculous in comparison to the polish. It might be OK in Europe because there’s more variety, but in Australia it doesn’t work so well.

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