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BYS Colour Change Purple Glitter & stripes nail art

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Happy Saturday! Today I have to show you a colour changing nail polish by BYS. I’ve noticed lately that colour changing nail polish, or thermal nail polish, is all the rage on the internet (especially Etsy) but before I bought any expensive ones, I wanted to try out some cheapies from Kmart.

Enter BYS Colour Change Purple Glitter. I liked the look of the glitter so I figured even if it didn’t work I would still have a decent glitter – a purple base with tiny silver glitters. I’m surprised to say Purple Glitter actually worked though! The change wasn’t as dramatic as the sticker on the bottle, but it still changes.

BYS Colour Change Purple Glitter

So in the above photo is what my nails look like when they are ‘hot’. You can see closer to the free edge of the nail my tips are darker – I found when wearing the polish my tips would change from hot and cold all day; it’s like a French manicure without the hassle.

BYS Colour Change Purple Glitter

Above is what the polish looks like on my nails ‘cold’. On the BYS pack it says the nail polish changes with your mood. Not so. It just changes when you wash your hands or if you’re really hot or cold. Application was really easy too; just two coats to achieve what you see here and even the removal was a breeze, it just came off, I didn’t use the foil method at all (I guess though it’s not a dense glitter anyway). I must say though when it dried it doesn’t dry glossy so you do need a top coat (which doesn’t affect the colour change).

BYS Colour Change Purple Glitter

My preference is for the polish in its cold state though, I just love this shade of purple. Look how pretty it is.


  • Where to buy: Kmart
  • Cost: Kmart AU$4
  • Volume: 14ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

I liked Purple Glitter (original name, hey?) so much that I decided to do some nail art on top of it. I couldn’t think of what to call it, I just call it stripes, which I achieved using a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black and some new polishes I picked up from Woolies, MUD Electrify It and MUD Hypnotise Me, and Ulta3 Pink Peony. What do you think?

BYS Colour Change Purple Glitter nail art

BYS Colour Change Purple Glitter nail art

BYS Colour Change Purple Glitter nail art

It was so damn hard freehand drawing those black stripes on! But I’m happy with how they turned out.

You may have noticed that I’ve made my pictures a bit bigger and put my URL at the bottom of the photos. I upload my images to Pinterest so I’m hoping it might create a bit more traffic to my blog. Wish me luck. Thanks for reading!

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