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Colour by TBN D’or Pink


*Nothing to disclose

Evening! I have quite the girly polish to show you today, it’s Colour by TBN D’or Pink. Ha ha, every time I write D’or I think of Homer Simpsons’ d’oh, it’s just an awkward word I think, if it is even a word. Maybe it’s meant to be Dior but it couldn’t use Dior due to copyright. Anywho, D’or Pink is a really girly pink shimmer. In the bottle it looks incredible – hence why I bought it – but on the nail it’s a little less impressive I think. The bits of holographic glitters just don’t pop out much.

Colour by TBN D'or Pink

I have never heard of Colour by TBN before and I only discovered the brand while looking for some Ulta3 polishes. They were on special for buy two get one free, so how could I resist? They are just cheapies anyway; they are two for AU$5.

I actually took the photos in today’s post at work. Since it’s winter here it’s so dark in the morning that the best light doesn’t happen until late morning. I must admit, taking the photos at work wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – no one came up to me to ask what I was doing. I’ve told a few people at work about my blog, but not too many. I picked a quiet spot outside anyway to take the photos. I even realised my sandshoes for my walk matched my nails! How very coordinated.

Colour by TBN D'or Pink

See? Totally chic.

Colour by TBN D'or Pink

Colour by TBN D'or Pink

I used two coats to achieve what you see here. You have to make the coats a bit on the thicker side otherwise it is slightly sheer. I guess you could use three coats instead of two.


  • Where to buy: Discount Drug Stores (this is actually a company name! Its website is here)
  • Cost: Two for AU$5 (and I think it could be AU$3 each)
  • Volume: 15ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

So, have you tried any Colour by TBN polishes before? I’ve done a quick Google search and they seem to be a bit common, but as I said I hadn’t heard of it until more than a month ago now. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Colour by TBN D’or Pink

  1. Lovely colour!! Looks like a colour I would wear.

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