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Revlon Charming & skittle nail art with Emily de Molly Block Party


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Hello! Today I have to show you a nail polish I’ve had for a while, which I forgot was a really pretty polish. I’m talking about Revlon Charming. I don’t know if you’ve seen it about, but it’s a pastel purple creme. It’s a very pleasant colour for summer, but since when do I care about seasons? Wearing it over the weekend made me feel super girly even though it was a rainy winter weekend.

Revlon Charming

Revlon Charming

Pictured is two coats. I just think it’s a very simple but elegant looking polish. The colour actually reminds me a bit of Emily de Molly Block Party, so I decided so get creative and do a skittle manicure not only inspired by Charming, but the glitters found in Block Party, which are coloured bright pink, black and white.


  • Where to buy: Priceline
  • Cost: AU15.95
  • Volume: 14.7ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

Revlon Charming nail art

What do you think? This was my first go at doing a manicure of the one colour family where every finger was different, but I’m quite happy with the result. Once on the nail, I could see Charming and Block Party were two very different colours (Block Party is more blue), but they still work well together I think. And from far away, who would even notice?

Revlon Charming nail art

Revlon Charming nail art

I’m especially happy with the animal print. You might have read before that my last animal print was a bit of a disappointment, but I think I can say I have improved. My tape work with the white and pink needs more work though; I’m either waiting too long before I remove the tape or removing it too soon. It’s very frustrating trying to find that perfect ‘tape removal’ time! I’m really keen to try this look again soon, I think it’s a bit different plus it’s a good chance to wear more than one polish at once, ha ha.

Also, I need to wear studs more often. They’re really comfortable to wear in comparison to the rhinestones from the Sportsgirl nail art pen I showed you. To eBay I must go and buy some more of different sizes and colours!

Let me know what you think of Charming and my skittle manicure. Personally, I’m happy I’m able to do more technical stuff on my nails now rather than just paint them the one solid colour all the time. Every day I’m learning more and more. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Revlon Charming & skittle nail art with Emily de Molly Block Party

  1. I really like all the different nails they look good.

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