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What’s In-die Box? & Alanna Renee Lenny


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Hello! Today I have to show you some wonderful nail mail I received yesterday – What’s In-die Box!

What's In-Die Box

What is What’s In-die Box!? It’s a great idea by Glam Polish where you receive five unique Australian indie nail polishes at the beginning of the month. You don’t need to do a yearly subscription or anything, you just subscribe to each month separately, so you can pick and choose what you want. The first month was June and the theme was Toy Story! Talk about awesome.

In the photo above there are the five polishes by the five indie polish makers. From left: Glam Polish Ahhhh… Aliens!, Peita’s Polish Hello! I’m Trixie, Lilypad Lacquer Stretch for the Stars, Love Thy Polish How Do You Spell FBI? and Alanna Renee Lenny.

When I received What’s In-die Box I couldn’t believe how beautifully presented it was – it came in its own box (pictured above) and each polish was individually wrapped, plus there was information on all five polishes. At this stage What’s In-die Box is only available in Australia; but there are plenty of other kinds of these subscriptions for other countries if you’re interested.

I have swatched below my favourite polish from the lot – Alanna Renee Lenny. It is based on the character Lenny from Toy Story, if you can’t tell.

LennyLenny photo courtesy Pixar Wiki.

Alanna Renee Lenny

Alanna Renee Lenny

Isn’t Lenny amazing? It’s definitely not a polish I would choose to buy but I’m so glad it came as part of What’s In-die Box? The reason why I wouldn’t normally choose to buy it is because of the large black glitters. But seeing them in person and then wearing the polish – I’m in love! I think this could very well be one of my favourites. How weird is that? I’ve had two awesome nail polishes in less than a week.

Alanna Renee Lenny

Lenny is a white jelly-like base with orange, red and blue hexes and large black circle glitters. I’ve worn two coats to achieve what you see here. For such a squishy base the white is very opaque; I thought it would be quite sheer. I just love how the white covers the first coat of polish without cancelling it out and how the large black circle glitters are slightly covered by the white base, yet you can still see them… ahh.

Alanna Renee Lenny

If you’re interested in being part of What’s In-die Box? I suggest you go to Glam Polish and check it out. Including shipping it’s AU$55.94, which is great value for five unique indie polishes. July’s theme is Little Miss and the participating indie polishes are Glam Polish, Lilypad Lacquer, Peita’s Polish, Shades of Phoenix and Mckfresh Nail Attire.

So what do you think of Lenny? Do you like the larger black glitters? Just FYI I plan to have swatches of all the other polishes of the June box in a post over the weekend. Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “What’s In-die Box? & Alanna Renee Lenny

  1. This is a great idea, and a good way to try some polishes you wouldn’t normally. Like you, I probably wouldn’t have tried the Lenny polish, what with the black glitter, but it looks great on. I’m really curious to see what the others are like.

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