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Emily de Molly Devotion


*Nothing to disclose

Evening! So after showing you my Emily de Molly purchases in yesterday’s post, I have for you tonight Devotion, a purple linear holographic polish that I think may just be my new favourite!

Emily de Molly Devotion

The above picture was taken with flash so you can see how awesome Devotion is. Look at its shiny goodness. You know, I found the formula of Devotion to be amazing. This was just two coats over a regular base coat. When I applied the second coat it didn’t pull or make the coat underneath it go bald like what seems to happen with other holos. I only have one other holo, Layla Flash Black, and it is terrible for doing this. So you don’t need to buy a special base coat. I’ve also just put a normal top coat on and it hasn’t dulled the holo effect at all.

Emily de Molly Devotion

Here is Devotion without flash in natural light, see what a beautiful purple it is? I think it’s got a really lovely blue through it as well. I just love this colour! Purple is my favourite colour and I think the holo look is a bit quirky but not too much, if you know what I mean.

Emily de Molly Devotion


  • Where to buy: Emily de Molly
  • Cost: AU$11
  • Volume: 12ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

Some people really dislike holographic po0lishes but I really like them. What do you think? Have you tried a holo before? I can recommend a nice purple one, ha ha. Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “Emily de Molly Devotion

  1. Really like the colour of this one and the nice glitters through it, very nice.

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  3. Oh my. I think it may be love. It’s just so pretty!!!

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  7. I love holos and duochromes and this one is perfect.

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