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Ulta3 Dusty Rose & I Heart Nail Art Mark Rothko nail accent

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Evening! Today I have to show Ulta3 Dusty Rose. When I think of roses I straight away think of pink… but this is certainly not pink, I would call it more of a peach colour, close to a nude depending on your skin tone. It has a golden shimmer through it and it’s quite subtle. It’s a pleasant surprise, actually!

The reason I chose Dusty Rose is because I wanted something to complement a water nail decal I bought on Etsy at a store called I Heart Nail Art. The decal set is inspired by Mark Rothko, an American abstract artist. I believe the one I am wearing on my ring finger is called No. 2; the white line you see over the pink on the right-hand side of the decal is not part of the painting, it’s where the decal kind of folded over when I placed it on my nail, I believe this wouldn’t happen if I had flatter nails instead of annoying rounded ones!

Ulta3 Dusty Rose I Heart Nail Art

Ulta3 Dusty Rose I Heart Nail Art

Ulta3 Dusty Rose I Heart Nail Art

I am wearing two coats of Dusty Rose, which I found a really nice formula to apply. Not watery at all. You can probably see with the decal I had some issues in filing at once applied. In the instructions from I Heart Nail Art it says to just put a clear polish down, but I have a feeling it might be better to wear a similar polish underneath it, so you can’t see the jaggedness from filing the free edge. I have got in contact with the owner of I Heart Nail Art to ask if she has any advice; I will let you know if she has any tips.

Ulta3 Dusty Rose I Heart Nail Art

Ha ha, in that photo above you can tell how many attempts I’ve made with the decals to get them to work. Like everything new it’s all about practice, I guess. Just the filing of the free edge was a difficulty for me, but everything else went perfectly. You only need to put the decals in water for around five seconds and then slide it onto your nail. I think the decals would look better as a full manicure rather than an accent. I also bought some other decals, including a Lichtenstein set, so I’ll have to give them a go soon.


Ulta3 Dusty Rose

  • Where to buy: Terry White Chemists
  • Cost: AU$2.00
  • Volume: 13ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

I Heart Nail Art Mark Rothko nail decals

  • Where to buy: I Heart Nail Art store
  • Cost: AU$6.27
  • What you get: 30 water nail decals

So that’s it for me tonight. Have you tried water decals before? I think I’ve also got some mustaches I should pull out and use. Thanks for reading!

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