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Ulta3 Fruit Punch

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Hello! Today I have for you Ulta3 Fruit Punch. It’s a really vibrant tomato sauce red creme. The formula is a little thin, but nonetheless with two coats it still was opaque.

Ulta3 Fruit Punch

I really enjoyed wearing this polish; while it was brighter than a traditional red, it was still very ‘oh, I’m wearing a special red’ red.

Ulta3 Fruit Punch

Ulta3 Fruit Punch

Ulta3 Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch is apparently part of the 2012 Citrus Collection… in that case I wouldn’t mind picking up some of the others if they’re as nice. I have a feeling though there’s a really gross orange and yellow though… for obvious reasons (I’m not a fan of bright yellows and oranges, if you can’t tell).


  • Where to buy: Terry White Chemists
  • Cost: AU$2.00
  • Volume: 13ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

Sorry this is a short post; I have been under the pump lately at work so I just can’t be bothered to write! 😐 Thanks for reading!

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