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Revlon Milky Way from Moon Candy Collection


*Nothing to disclose

Oh my goodness, I’m only just realising it now as I type this… on the Milky Way bottle the C of the Candy is the shape of a crescent! Oh how unobservant I am.

Anywho, today I have for you Milky Way from Revlon’s Moon Candy Collection, which I think features eight different colour combinations. To me Milky Way was the most inspired from the lot.  The Moon Candy Collection is one of those nail art collections that come in the double-ended bottles, like the Break-Up Collection and Neon Collection, so it’s kind of like you get two polishes for the price of one. With that in mind, Milky Way has a dark grey creme in one end and some silver holographic glitter shards in a clear base in the other end. I’ve read other blogs and people seem to be calling this collection a flakie collection. Well I’m saying it’s not. To me a flakie is something that shifts colour on different kinds of polishes and is manageable when you apply it. The glitter in the polish is the one colour (silver) and just glints like normal glitter when you wear it, nothing special at all like a flakie.

Revlon Milky Way

I used one coat of the dark grey creme (yay! It’s a one-coater) and then three coats of the silver holographic shards over it. And look how crap the application still looks! I was even trying to place the glitter, but it just seemed to not work for me. Also, I was finding the clear base getting a bit thick on the nail, so I didn’t want it to be too goopy.

Revlon Milky Way

Revlon Milky Way

Revlon Milky Way

See, there’s not much colour shifting in those outside pictures above, is there? Not like what a real flakie would do!


  • Where to buy: Priceline
  • Cost: AU15.95
  • Volume: 7.68ml

I put two coats of top coat on the top of Milky Way, but I could still feel some of the sharp edges of the glitter pieces poke through, they just wouldn’t lay flat. It wasn’t overly bad, but it was annoying enough that I didn’t get that nice smooth finish. Also, I’m not sure why this is called Milky Way; I didn’t find it all that galaxy inspiring, but I think it’s just that all the polishes from the Moon Candy Collection have space-inspired names. I also saw on the nail polish stand at Priceline that this is meant to give you 3D cosmic effects on your nails. I’m not sure what makes it 3D, I just don’t actually understand what it means. Maybe the glitter sticking out through the top coat? Ha ha. So I think that is a fail from Revlon.

Also, while I’m speaking of the display stand I want to ask what you think about Emma Stone (err, I think it’s her, I could be wrong!) as the movie star face to Revlon’s nail line. I have an issue with it in that I don’t like how they advertise nail polish and nail art as something a bit different and kooky. The stands I’ve see have Emma Stone doing just stupid poses with nail polish on and I wonder why can’t people just do what they want to do with their nails? Why does it need to be marketed in such a niche way? Rant over.

So what do you think of Milky Way? I’m not really a fan, but I am glad I have a nice dark grey creme, if anything. Have you tried any polishes from the Moon Candy Collection? Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Revlon Milky Way from Moon Candy Collection

  1. Such a pity that the glitter isn’t more manageable, especially for the price. Right now I’m wearing Australis’ Fairy Bread, which is full on glitter, much easier to wear, and almost $10 cheaper! Revlon needs to lift their game.

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