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Beauty Attitude Envy


*Nothing to disclose

Hello! Today I have another Beauty Attitude polish to show you; I wore it over the weekend and it was quite nice actually wearing such a ‘green’ green, if you know what I mean. The polish is called Envy, after the saying green with envy I guess. While I enjoyed wearing the polish, I did find once when I wore it for a bit and used some hand cream, the polish became a little thin. I’m not sure how this works as obviously the polish is dry, but I just noticed some patchy areas suddenly on my nail. Interesting, yes?

Beauty Attitude Envy

Also I just want to apologise for how rough the clean-up is around my cuticle area. When I was doing it I was in a bit of a rush.

Beauty Attitude Envy

Beauty Attitude Envy

Envy is a green creme, which reminded me a bit of Revlon Posh, but when I compared the two Envy has much more blue in it so they’re not dupes at all. I got great coverage with two coats, but I think it would be worthwhile doing three just in case.

Uncomplicated colours like this really make me feel like I’m fashion-forward when I’m wearing them; like it’s a bit more special than a pink but less pretentious than some nail art. Sometimes I feel nail art’s a bit try-hardy, especially if it doesn’t go to plan, like a lot of my stuff, ha ha.


  • Where to buy: Target
  • Cost: AU$3
  • Volume: 12ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

So have you picked up any of the Beauty Attitude polishes yet? While this one was a bit funny on, I still think it’s worth picking up some for a cheap fix. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Beauty Attitude Envy

  1. I really like the colour; it’s great for this cold weather and looks very elegant!

  2. This is a really lovely green Sometimes its nice to just have a ‘plain’ polish, and enjoy the colour. And as for the patchiness, well I suppose for $3 its still pretty good, and certainly better than some of the other cheap nail polishes.

  3. How do you avoid painting your cuticles?? I can never do it neatly enough!

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