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Love Thy Polish Miss Priss & stripes nail art


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Afternoon! I have for you another polish by Australian indie maker Love Thy Polish. It’s called Miss Priss and it’s an exceptional purple creme, perfect in two coats. Not many indie makers make the straight cremes, probably because you can easily buy them at the chemist, so it’s nice to have an indie one for comparison. And I can’t complain at all. The formula was great and I really liked the mood of the polish, it was a very nice purple. And because purple is my favourite colour I loved wearing it of course!

Love Thy Polish Miss Priss

Love Thy Polish Miss Priss

After wearing this for a day I wanted to do something a bit different, so I decided to try out my nail stripers I had just recently bought on special at Big W. Here’s what the pack looks like:

Love Thy Polish Miss Priss nail art

I only did some simple stripes, but I found the set to be really easy to use. I haven’t used any of the stencils yet. I really liked how the silver looked on the nail. The most difficult one to use was the white polish, I found you had to go over the stripe twice for opacity and in some cases I still didn’t get it right, ha ha. Oh well, all a learning process!

Love Thy Polish Miss Priss nail art

Love Thy Polish Miss Priss nail art


Miss Priss

  • Where to buy: Love Thy Polish website
  • Cost: AU$6 for 8ml or AU$9 for 12ml
  • Volume: 8ml or 12ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit

  • Where to buy: Big W
  • Cost: AU$18.94
  • What you get: Three nail stripers and one pack of 30 nail stencils

Do you use a striper often? There were a few other colours available but I wanted to get the black, white and silver first to see if I liked it, as I figured those are the ones I would use the most. Let me know if you have any striping advice.  Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Love Thy Polish Miss Priss & stripes nail art

  1. Really like the striped nail polish, it must be hard to put on how many coats all together.

    • It’s not hard at all, with the striper it’s just doing one stripe over the base colour, in my case purple. I did stripes of black, white and silver without overlapping at all.

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