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Sportsgirl Nail It! Volcanic Sparks & Persian carpet nail art


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Hello! Today I want to show you a beautiful Sportsgirl Nail It! polish that can be bought from Sportsgirl stores. It’s called Volcanic Sparks and it’s a gorgeous metallic red in a black base. In the light it really shimmers; this is definitely a nice polish to have in your collection.

Sportsgirl Nail It! Volcanic Sparks

This is three coats of Volcanic Sparks; as you can see it’s a very deep polish and I just felt so fancy wearing it. I also own Sportsgirl Nail It! Moonlight Sparks, which is the same metallic formula except gold in a black base. I used it in my first ever post here, but I intend on dedicating a post just to that one, too. Formula-wise this was perfect; I could have used two coats but I like to sometimes double make sure I put enough on!

Sportsgirl Nail It! Volcanic Sparks

Sportsgirl Nail It! Volcanic Sparks

Look at this outdoors shot – isn’t it incredible? The polish really came to life outside.

The night after I put the polish on I thought I should do some nail art on top. I spent a good 20 minutes looking at my polishes and then thinking I might use some cling wrap and sponge it onto my nails to get a speckled look. So I did that and you could hardly see the black polish! It mixed in with Volcanic Sparks far too well. So then I did the same thing with a deep red polish – and the same thing kept happening again! In the end I put all kinds of colours over the top of Volcanic Sparks and finally ended up with what you see below, which I was pretty happy with. I thought my nails looked like mini Persian carpets! What do you think?

Persian carpet

Persian carpet photo from Wikipedia.

Sportsgirl Nail It! Volcanic Sparks nail art

Sportsgirl Nail It! Volcanic Sparks nail art

Sportsgirl Nail It! Volcanic Sparks nail art

I can’t remember all the polishes I used, but I can remember I used Australis Speck-tacular (a flakie) over the top of the colour and then over that, a matte top coat. This ‘look’ was a complete mistake but I couldn’t have been more happier with the result. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails all day, there was so much going on, especially thanks to the wonderful colours from the flakies!


  • Where to buy: Sportsgirl
  • Cost: AU$7.99
  • Volume: 11ml
  • Coats to opacity: Three

So what do you think of my Persian carpet nails? And of Volcanic Sparks? I think for a complete accident I did a good job on the nail art. I wonder what I would of actually done if I had set out to do that kind of design – it would probably come out terrible! Ha ha. Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Sportsgirl Nail It! Volcanic Sparks & Persian carpet nail art

  1. That base color is so stunning and with the carpet look it is so amazing! Lovely!

  2. Loving the Persian carpet nails. There’s just so much colour and light, they’re too gorgeous for words! And wow, Sportsgirl are bringing out some amazing nail polishes. Volcanic Sparks, is just so… shiny! Really, really loving.

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  5. (So then I went diving through your archives, sorry for the influx of comments!)

    I love these. I have the Australis flakies and have been wondering what else to layer them with, asides from the obvious black/dark blue cremes. This is gorgeous and warm and I think it’s a perfect look for autumn. It makes me think about kicking leaves around!

    • That’s OK I love reading people’s comments!
      Now that you say that about autumn I totally agree with you! I really like flakies too so it’s nice that they can be paired with more than just your average colours. I read an article once that if you use flakies on any colour base, including lighter colours, the flakies will still be all shiny and awesome.

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