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A post down memory lane


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I’m in a slight rush tonight as I am going to be participating in a focus group in about an hour’s time! Very exciting. I’ve never been involved in one before but this research company was looking for people and so I gave them a call. I was simply not going to post tonight, but then I thought wouldn’t it be fun to post some of my pictures I took of my nails before I started my blog, the pictures straight off my mobile phone? I hope you think so too!

Memory lane

Ah, my first ever shot. It took it to show a friend who asked me what I was wearing on my nails for my birthday. As you can see, it’s less than inspiring! And blurry, too!

Memory lane

A clearer shot and again for said friend to show her how I used the flower stickers she gave me for my birthday. I remember loving wearing this and I think it looks alright still.

Memory lane

My first go a getting what I thought was a good looking stamp manicure! It was done with a Konad plate, but I can’t recall the number now. I remember feeling so good with this and also quite clever for doing the accent nail as well. I actually got a compliment on these nails. Oh, the lack of clean-up, ha ha.

Memory lane

Fishtail nails! I worked so hard on these. I really like the look of them all done but it takes so much time that I reckon next time I would just do an accent nail.

Memory lane

My first – and so far only – attempt at galaxy nails. I wore this one out for nearly a week, I loved it that much. Looking at this actually makes me want to do galaxy nails again as I found it relatively easy to do compared some other nail art I’ve tried.

Memory lane

Christmas nails! Rudolph on thumb and Christmas tree on ring finger. I think I had another Christmas tree on my other thumb and a present on my other ring finger. I got a lot of compliments about these.

Memory lane

This is me experimenting with nail art tape. I really liked how it turned out. I bought a pack off eBay and kind of went a bit nuts with it, but have since only used it instead of sticky tape in nail art. I remember the edges of the nail art tape peeling as the day progressed when I wore this look and I eventually ripped off the nail art tape! More top coat next time.

Memory lane

I wore this over the Easter just gone. I went camping that weekend and so wore it the whole time and it lasted well. I loved the cute little bunny, there was another on the other ring finger, too, but this one was definitely the better of the two. The other looked semi-evil. Stupid dominant hand!

So, there are some of my nail looks I had been taking on my mobile phone before I started my blog. I think it’s safe to say I have improved a lot, but by using an actual camera instead of your mobile phone is a huge help. But in saying that, if I didn’t start with my mobile phone then I wouldn’t have been able to practice before beginning my blog, so it’s a two-way street.

What do you think of my nails above? I’d love to hear what you think, just let me know below. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “A post down memory lane

  1. Some of these look familiar, I wonder why? 😉 It’s great to see how you’ve got more confident over time, and the photos are turning out so well now! I hadn’t seen the orange nail stamp before, but I really love it, it’s so bright and fun.

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