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Leopard print nail art fail


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Hello! When I started this blog I said I would share with you my journey into the world of nail polish. Well, for me, this is a bumpy ride due to the fact that yes, I can half-decently paint my nails one colour but no, when it comes to nail art I occasionally turn into a complete uncoordinated idiot. This post is one of those times.

What I was trying to do here is a simple leopard print. It started well enough, but then as the nail polish dried to my brush every time I dipped it into the bottle, the lines simply became thicker and thicker. In my defence I was in a rush, but still, there’s no point in rushing when it’s just going to come out crap, really, is there? I should have cleaned off the brush after every nail. Lesson learned. I still wore it anyway.

Leopard print nail art fail

Leopard print nail art fail

The first nail I did however, my left-hand thumb, came out alright though. Here is a closer look. If I had achieved this consistency I reckon I would have been happy.

Leopard print nail art fail

The polishes I used to achieve this ‘look’ was Ulta3 Sea Breeze Swirl (green), Ulta3 Orange Blossom (orange) and Revlon Knockout (black). I had even done a three fingers green, two fingers orange look but you can’t even tell because of the dodgy large black lines, ha ha. I think this look morphed into a camouflage design, but I really don’t like it. I also wished I had used a brown instead of black, but I actually realised I don’t own any brown nail polishes! Fancy that.

So, have you had a nail art fail before? Did you bother wearing it or take it off straight away? Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Leopard print nail art fail

  1. You know it’s actually not bad, your thumbs a pretty good leopard and I like your ring finger and pinkie’s more abstract colour mix ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you very much! I guess it just wasn’t like what I see others look like… I had done the leopard print only as an accent nail before and now I appreciate how much time goes into creating the design.

  2. Thumb nail looks great!!

  3. I never would have thought of putting those two colours (orange and green) together, but they look fantastic. And I think you did a great job on the leopard print, especially doing it on both hands.

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