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Essence Prom-berry & nail art studs


*Nothing to disclose

Hello! Today I have another Essence to show you, Prom-berry. I’m not sure about the name, I don’t like the hyphen for some reason.

Essence Prom-berry

As you can see, I’ve added some studs to my nails, which I bought off eBay. At first I just placed the studs on top of the nail after a top coat, but then the studs would fall off. So I put a top coat over the studs and they held perfectly. Duh.

Anywho, Prom-berry is a deep purple creme with a pinkish-red shimmer, which unfortunately I couldn’t capture with my camera. The formula is wonderful and I only used one coat to get this opacity. I look forward to trying it out stamping.

Essence Prom-berry

Essence Prom-berry

How funny is that photo above? My hand looks like a spider.


  • Where to buy: Priceline
  • Cost: AU$2.75
  • Volume: 8ml
  • Coats to opacity: One

So what do you think? Do you use nail art studs? I think I need to get smaller ones, these ones are 3mm x 3mm and I think I should maybe find some that’s 2mm x 2mm. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Essence Prom-berry & nail art studs

  1. I love this look. I wish I could wear this but i’d imagine the nail art studs would get hooked off. I can’t really see the pinkish red shimmer… but that might just be because of the glare of my computer!

  2. I really like the stud look too, it looks really nice.

  3. so classic and beautiful – i never tire of seeing manicures like this!

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