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OPI Get Your Number


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Hello! Today I have OPI Get Your Number to show you. I know the liquid sand polishes have been done to death now but I wanted to show you how textured the polish actually is on the nail.

I got Get Your Number as part of a mini pack on eBay at the beginning of the year. It came with all the liquid sand polishes form the Mariah Carey Collection – Get Your Number, Can’t Let Go, The Impossible and Stay the Night. I know now you can find the mini pack at Myer, too.

OPI Get Your Number

The texture on this polish is incredible. It’s deep yet matte and sparkly yet still really gritty. But not gritty in that it grips to your clothes of hair, just bumpy. I used three coats to get this to opacity, but you could do two thick coats. When applying it to the nail it doesn’t go gritty until it starts drying, so the polish application is quite smooth. I haven’t tried this with a top coat, but from what I’ve seen on other blogs I actually like the liquid sand polishes without a top coat.

OPI Get Your Number

OPI Get Your Number


  • Where to buy: eBay or Myer
  • Cost: AU$24.95 at Myer, on eBay it’s anything goes!
  • Volume: 3.75ml (mini)
  • Coats to opacity: Three

Do you see the sparkly textured greatness? I really like the liquid sand polishes. I like that cosmetic companies are trying to come up with different things instead of just standard polishes. So what do you think of the liquid sand polishes? Let me know below. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “OPI Get Your Number

  1. very nice i like that kind of look.

  2. Superb finish and effect and gorgeous blue!!

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