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Dupe or not? Sinful Colors Gorgeous & Covergirl Constant Caribbean

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Hello! Today I have a comparison post for you. When I showed you Sinful Colors Gorgeous last week you may remember how I said it reminded me of Covergirl Constant Caribbean, from its Outlast Stay Brilliant Collection.

Sinful Colors Gorgeous Covergirl Constant Caribbean comparison

Well, the comparison is a tough one! They look very similar in the bottle, both being a green shimmer/metallic… maybe analysing it now it’s more metallic. Here’s what they look like in natural light, with the comparison order being pointer finger Gorgeous, middle finger Constant Caribbean, ring finger Gorgeous and pinkie Constant Caribbean. Both are without top coat.

Covergirl Constant Caribbean Sinful Colors Gorgeous comparison

See!? I told you it’s a tough one. Looking at it Gorgeous is definitely more green and Constant Caribbean more blue, but really it’s very slight. Constant Caribbean has just that bit more shine to it, but it has a built-in top coat so you would expect that. Both are slightly streaky, but I think it’s manageable.

Covergirl Constant Caribbean Sinful Colors Gorgeous comparison

So here the two are with flash and once again, it’s pretty close. It appears in this photo that Constant Caribbean is that little bit more pigmented.

For me it’s just that slight colour difference that makes me believe these are not dupes, but they are exceptionally close! You certainly wouldn’t need both in your collection.

What do you think? Do you think I’m wrong? Tell me below. Thanks for reading!

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