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Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar


*Nothing to disclose

Hello! So I’ve recently been going nuts over Sinful Colors since its release in Australia at Kmart and Target. At Target they retail for AU$4.95, but at Kmart they go for AU$4! So I can’t help myself. If they’re sold anywhere else in Australia, let me know.

Yesterday I bought four colours and one of them was Sugar Sugar. It is a beautiful metallic cherry red with a red shimmer. Or it could be glitter, but I think it’s more shimmery. Anyway, it is beautiful. It’s very striking and totally one of those reds that you image would be worn back in the ’50s.

The photo below features two coats, but you could definitely do just do one coat. I was going to, but I thought I’d put two on just in case. The formula was also exceptionally easy to apply. My only problem is that because I am so messy, you can see where the polish has swamped my cuticles, even though I cleaned up.

Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar

Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar

Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar


  • Where to buy: Kmart or Target stores
  • Cost: Kmart AU$4, Target AU$4.95
  • Volume: 15ml
  • Coats to opacity: Two

Also, total coincidence, but I am seeing my favourite AFL team play tomorrow at Blundstone Arena in Hobart. I support the Sydney Swans and their colours are red and white so tomorrow before the game I am going to add white to it and do some nail art that looks like the guernsey. Here’s what the guernseys look like:

Sydney guernseyImage credit: Wikipedia

I’ll be sure to post pictures of my nail art for you! Fingers crossed it’ll be a winner, pun intended. So that’s it for today. Have a great weekend everybody. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar

  1. Hi, I too have been going nuts for SC since I discovered them. I have accumulated around 30 or so in the last month.
    Some Pricelines also sell them. With their recent 40% off beauty products I managed to pick them up for around $3 each.

    • 30! That’s incredible. Good job! I just saw Sinful Colors myself in Priceline on the weekend, too. When the 40% sale was on I could only make it to my closest Priceline, which doesn’t stock Sinful Colors. 😦 It’s a really good formula for the price.

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