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Nail mail & WingDustCollections Save a Life


*Nothing to disclose

Hello! So today I received the best type of mail – nail mail! About a week ago I bought some polish from ErinZi’s Nails through Erin’s blog sale. Erin’s blog is fantastic by the way, if you have not visited it you should, Erin does the most outstanding nail art and she also makes her own nail sets, which she can custom make for you as well. So yeah, totally talented. And I am totally jealous. *Sigh*

Anyway, in the blog sale I bought four polishes. Well, one’s not really a polish but more of a pack. I purchased WingDustCollections Save a Life, a beautiful delicate lilac jelly with some small holo glitters, larger purple hexes and the occasional large white hex. I also bought WingDustCollections Hope, which is a white shimmery base with small holo glitters and then some large silver, white and pink square glitters. Two very subtle polishes.

I also bought a Sally Hansen Gem Crush minis set, which includes Big Money, Be-Jeweled, Bling-tastic and Lady Luck. This was such a great find as I was considering buying some of the Gem Crush polishes, but thought I would wait until I decided which ones! So four for AU$4 was perfect.

Finally, I bought Gloss ‘n Sparkle Fruit Tingle. I have been wanting to get my hands on this polish for so long that I could barely believe Erin had it for sale! It is truly better in person. It is a bold purple creme with small silver and pink glitters and larger blue and black hexes, with the black hexes two different sizes. I cannot wait to wear it.

Here’s a picture of my nail mail, which includes the four peach gummy candy lollies Erin included in my pack as an extra surprise!

April 10 nail mail

I’ve read around on various nail blogs that people think Gloss ‘n Sparkle Fruit Tingle and Gloss ‘n Sparkle Witches Britches are the same base but with different glitters. Well, I am here to say those people are wrong. I have both and when I compare them they are clearly two different polishes, the bases are very different. The base of Witches Britches has more red in it while I think Fruit Tingle has more blue. Here’s a picture, with Witches Britches on the left and Fruit Tingle on the right. Decide for yourself!

Gloss 'n Sparkle Witches Britches and Fruit Tingle comparison

So to celebrate today’s nail mail I decided to wear one of the polishes straight away. I decided on Save a Life as I have never tried any WingDustCollections polishes before and also because I love purple nail polish, especially the lighter shades.

I found Save a Life easy enough to apply but I did have trouble with getting the glitters. They seemed to be stuck to the side of the bottle. The bottle is only 5ml so you can image me trying to maneuver the brush! Very difficult. Even when I rolled it for ages in my hands the glitters wouldn’t budge. Grrr.

WingDustcollections Save a Life

WingDustcollections Save a Life

WingDustcollections Save a Life

Geez I have to work on my photography and clean-up better! The last photo was taken outdoors on my deck, trying to be artistic. So while the pictures do not do this polish justice, they do show how sparse the larger glitters are, which is a real pity. Also, the base is pretty sheer – this was FIVE coats but I could have easily done one more to get it closer to bottle colour. I didn’t use any undies but I probably would next time, then just use a couple of coats of Save a Life.


  • Where to buy: WingDustCollections store
  • Cost: I paid AU$2 for 5ml from the blog sale, but regular size polishes are US$8.50
  • Volume: 5ml, but the regular size is 15ml
  • Coats to opacity: Five
  • Cool fact: The polish is named for the Save a Life feeding program at Project Zambia, a feeding program that takes in malnourished children and provides them with formula and nutrients that they would otherwise not have access to.

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Nail mail & WingDustCollections Save a Life

  1. Hi Haylee! Your blog is great! The photos are really good as well, however I can’t seem to follow you, cause I’m using blogger :/
    I did a post on the ‘Best Blog Award’ recently, and just added you to my nominee list, check it out here. http://www.erinzi.com/2013/04/nomination-for-best-blog-award.html

    • Hi Erin, thanks for coming and having a look at my blog! WordPress has an in-built reader that follows all types of blogs, it’s a pity Blogger doesn’t have the same. 😦 I just visited your page and thank you for nominating me! I will answer your questions tonight, how exciting. Congratulations on your nomination and thank you for mine again, what a great idea for an award!

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