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Sportsgirl Nail It! Moonlight Sparks & Revlon Knockout nail art


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So, the ever-difficult first post where unfortunately I feel like I’m writing to myself. Since my infatuation with nail polish began just over a year ago, I thought it was time to jump on the nail blog bandwagon.

My intention with this blog is to be different. I am in no way in a position to show off a new nail polish every day, but I am in a position to show you the trials and tribulations of the average Joanne living in Australia. Where beauty products not only cost a fortune, but we also usually get them up to six months AFTER their release in the USA or Europe. Anywho, back to my blog being different. Let’s say I hope to bring you more than swatches and NOTDs. I want to present you with my journey into the nail polish world with a lot of fun along the way!

To start Dry, Dammit! here’s what I’ve been wearing for the past couple of days. The base is Sportsgirl Nail It! Moonlight Sparks with Revlon Knockout tips. Moonlight Sparks has perfect application in just two coats and I didn’t struggle with any goopy-ness, which is what I’ve read is the biggest complaint about the Sportsgirl polishes. Knockout was perfect in one application for the tips, which I created using chevron nail guides. I know many might disagree with me, but I really like Revlon polishes. Not only are they easily accessible, but they’re usually good quality. Pity though they’re expensive (AU$15 a pop!) and have a excruciatingly slow-changing colour line.

Sportsgirl Nail It! Moonlight Sparks & Revlon Knockout

Sportsgirl Nail It! Moonlight Sparks & Revlon Knockout

So, what do you think? Let me know. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Sportsgirl Nail It! Moonlight Sparks & Revlon Knockout nail art

  1. These look really cute! It’s too bad you get polishes late and they’re so expensive but what I’ve realized from blogging for a little while now is that although posting swatches of the newest colors might get you a few search engine hits, it’s not very unique or exciting and doesn’t necessarily get you followers. I say do what you wanna do and we’ll all be interested in what you’re interested in. 🙂 Best of luck w your blog!

    • Thank you! Yes, I figured as there are some many great people out there posting swatches of the latest nail polish, I’ll just do my own thing and if people want to come along for the ride, that’s great! Thank you too for being my first commenter, I jumped out of my chair and did a little happy dance! 🙂

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